Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2022

How the Joan 6 Pro Lasts One Year On the Power it Takes to Make a Single Cup of Coffee

Fossil CO2 emissions are anticipated to hit 36.6 billion tonnes in 2022, and this means a yearly decrease in fossil fuel consumption or growing natural sinks by approximately 1.4 billion tonnes is required to reach net-zero CO2 by the year 2050.

This is a serious concern on a global scale and requires everyone’s attention, and dedication, in order to secure a future for the planet. Despite what many may believe, this does not mean that innovation needs to suffer. In fact, this only fosters innovation, and that innovation deserves admiration. 

It may seem impossible that a device such as the Joan 6 Pro could possibly work for a year while using energy in line with one cup of coffee. Yet, it’s true, and this is how. 

The focus on sustainability

The sustainability approach is reflected in the materials and technology used, as well as the general philosophy of the business. An exceptional battery life is created through the use of advanced e-ink technology, and one charge allows the Joan 6 Pro to last for months. It’s also very easy to charge via USB C cable which is included in the purchase price. 

The materials used to make the device are non-polluting, and the production of the device is energy-efficient and does not require a lot of water. The Joan 6 Pro uses 99% less energy compared to LCD screens, and as such leaves a minimal carbon footprint. 

According to Matej Zalar, Co-Founder, “we recognize the need for eco-sustainable products which do not compromise on quality, ease-of-use, nor efficiency. The Joan 6 Pro has been specially designed to fulfill all of these requirements, and to ensure that companies can run their business in the easiest way possible.”

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How the Joan 6 Pro has been recognized for its Eco-Efforts

The Joan 6 Pro Room Scheduler has won 2 Gold prizes at the New York Product Design Award 2022. 

They won Gold in the following 2 categories:

These awards recognize how the Joan 6 Pro’s e-paper technology is made of low-impact and recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum, and is 560 times more energy-efficient than other tablets on the market. However, quality has not been substituted for eco-sustainability, and it has been created to last for more than five years – the lowest failure rate to be found in the industry.

This is the third important design award for Joan 6 Pro this wear. The NY Product Design Award follows the Red Dot Award 2022 and the iF Design Award 2022. Zalar continues, “there is no feeling quite like being acknowledged for one’s achievement. This is no different. Every person who has been involved in the development of this product, and this company, can rest easy knowing that their innovation has changed the world.”

What exactly does the Joan 6 Pro do?

The 6-inch 4:3 touch display Joan 6 Pro is the most energy efficient tablet in the market and ensures meeting room management with a zero carbon footprint. Using one Joan 6 Pro makes the management of 100+ meeting rooms easier through the help of the Smart magnetic mount which works as a room identifier.

The touch screen ePaper device is ideal for companies who need to manage multiple meeting rooms in the easiest, and most energy efficient, way. The battery-powered and basically wireless device doesn’t require any drilling or cables to be connected, and gives a clean and professional look to any space. 

With the Joan 6 Pro, booking and managing meeting rooms is made as easy as possible. 

Final Take

Now, more than ever, companies need to consider a sustainable business model which incorporates eco-accountability. The Joan 6 Pro has done that, and crafted itself a space in the future. Its style, energy efficiency, and usability has all contributed to its rise as the meeting room organizer to have. Businesses can superb organization at the touch of a button, and use less energy than the coffee being served in the meeting room. 

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