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Don’t Miss Your Needed Check-Ups!

By Dr. Synesio Lyra, Jr.

Life on earth is not permanent, neither is it easy while it lasts. Yet, every human dweller has the opportunity, and the obligation, of doing constructive things to help promote, preserve and improve life in its many dimensions.

Those who choose a wrong path, and operate without personal discipline, are bound to pay a heavy and undesirable price before their days are over. Yet, the very conclusion of one’s life on earth can be much more pleasurable and less painful, to the extent that certain basic directives are observed.

Just as we take care of our material possessions to continue enjoying and benefitting from them for a long time, our entire human make-up is capable of the same, and demands even more!

There are necessary procedures applied to automobiles which need repairs to remain functional, that also apply to every human. Just as cars get out of alignment, and will operate more effectively and safely when proper care is provided, a human life also can easily get out of alignment, not merely in its physical aspect, but in every other angle of its functioning. It’s imperative that all the elements that constitute a human being can operate in harmony among themselves.

Every person’s spirit, mind and body must be well coordinated. Holistic living is imperative for the maximum functioning of any individual, with the best results not only for a single moment, but throughout the entirety of life on earth. It’s the things that we do, as well as what we refrain from doing, that always counts for better or for worse in any life.

Just like one cannot abuse any machine and expect the best results from it, we need to cultivate our mind, our spirit, and deal generously with our bodies for the best we can enjoy and achieve. We cannot do well with one aspect and discard or forget the others. All facets of human life are inter-related, and the neglect or abuse of one, adversely affects all others.

Every life requires periodical tune-ups, and you need to know where to go to secure what can retain the best quality of life in all its dimensions, for optimum functioning for your own self, but also for the benefit of others who depend on your being always at your best!

The time inevitably comes when every part of one’s life starts failing, every organ malfunctions. But no one should unnecessarily accelerate that inevitable impediment in one’s body, soul, or mind. With caution, be aware of what you should ingest or refrain from doing; be attentive to what goes in and out of your mind; don’t allow your spiritual self ever to be neglected without significantly adverse consequences both for here and the hereafter. You can improve the quality of your life, and maximize its use for your own satisfaction, and the benefit of others who can gain much from you being at your best!

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