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Local SEO Basics for Cannabis Dispensary Stores

Every business is aimed at obtaining commercial benefits, and the online store is no exception. A simple rule of thumb applies here: The larger the range, the more crucial it is to make the site optimized for SEO. This will ensure that your customers find exactly what they are looking for. On this page, you will learn the basic information about what online store owners need to remember and understand about the SEO promotion of a site in e-commerce.

Experienced SEOs surely know how to optimize your website and content for the cannabis industry and need to reach the right audience and increase traffic and sales by several times. If you want to improve your traffic and sales readings and learn SEO for cannabis, this article can help you!

Many professional marketing companies are committed to helping businesses in the hemp industry succeed online. Leverage your SEO experience and apply the dispensary SEO you need to help you reach your target audience. A team of marketing experts will be able to optimize your website and content so you see results right away.

Why do You Need SEO?

SEO is essential for any business that wants to be visible online. However, this is especially important for companies in the cannabis industry due to the high competition in the industry. With so many companies competing for attention, it’s essential to have a strong SEO strategy so you can stand out from the crowd and get more customers.

To achieve visible results, you need to seek the support of a team of experienced search engine optimization specialists similar to the ones at search engine optimization for ClickFunnels. Qualified professionals will help you improve your online visibility and generate more leads and sales. You will learn how to optimize your website and content for the cannabis industry to reach your target audience further and get more customers.

Basics of local SEO in the US market

Local SEO means optimizing a website to increase traffic and brand awareness. Why promote a site within a state, or even a country, when your target audience is residents of one city or district? It’s cheaper and easier to use local keywords for a specific city and region to promote in the US, optimize your business profile on Google My Business, and work hard on NAP citations.

To understand how relevant local SEO is in the States, you can look at the statistics for 2022:

  • About 46% of Google’s search queries are local, and
  • 29% of all Google search results are local web resources.
  • Up to 76% of users who search for goods and services on their smartphones visit the store on the same day.

It is easy to guess that local SEO is a tool for attracting the target audience, which often works here and now. A person is looking for your product, sees an offer, is nearby, and after a couple of minutes or hours, he comes to you or orders delivery.

How does Local SEO Work in the USA?

All requests to Google are analyzed specially. The search engine automatically tracks the location and offers the most relevant search results. This allows to advise you the nearest cafe, shop, or workshop. For example, upon the request “business lunch,” the system will diagnose where the person is now and offer him a list of the nearest cafes and restaurants where he can have a bite to eat.

Of course, this is the simplest and most primitive description of how local SEO works in the USA. It’s actually a small percentage of how the most relevant ranking factors and signals are tracked and generated. There is more information on this below:

  • user’s geolocation;
  • shares in social networks;
  • the number of reviews and ranking in Google Maps;
  • having a Google My Business listing;
  • keywords used in the Google My Business profile.

For example, with other equals between the two establishments, the one with more stars in Google Maps will be higher in the search results.

Collecting a Local Semantic Core

Local SEO allows you to do without managing a small list of keywords and phrases. It is enough to handle a small list of keywords used by customers to search for your local business. For quick assembly of semantics, you can use a unique service. Enter a keyword in the search box that customers can use to search for you. Here you can find an essential list of keywords and phrases that you can use for local SEO in the US.

The second convenient way to collect a pool of local keywords is Google recommendations, which the search engine generates as you enter a query. Important clarification! According to Google, about 20% of all smartphone searches are done by voice. And voice requests are usually longer and often include clarifications. For example, instead of asking for “cannabis products in Brooklyn,” a user might dictate the demand for “cannabis products in Brooklyn that are currently working.” Unfortunately, Google does not yet offer tools for researching verbal queries, but we hope they will appear in the future.

Local Ranking Factors in SEO

Many ranking factors affect your site’s position in local search results. But your profile in Google My Business has been in the first place for many years. Another critical factor is the presence of the company’s AP (Name, Address, Phone), and Google analyzes this information based on user behavioral factors. And sites from NAP will always be a priority.

Of course, user reviews play a huge role. In addition, Google, judging by the current data, evaluates not only thoughts about companies on its services but also third-party sites. It includes another factor — your responses to reviews. Having them is a plus. If there is no feedback from the company, especially a negative one, Google takes this into account. And not good for business.

We must not forget about classic SEO promotion. Traditional ranking factors also apply to local businesses. If the site is far from the top of the search results, it should not expect to be in the first place in the local results. Internal and external optimization, content management, and traditional search promotion will not go anywhere.

Valuable Tips and Strategies for Local SEO in the USA

In conclusion, pay attention to a few recommendations that many do not talk about, but they can do an excellent job of strengthening your business in the local market:

  • Add a Google Map to your About page. It clearly shows site visitors where you are and deprives them of unnecessary actions.
  • Use the main geolocation keyword at the top of the site page. The experience of many SEO specialists confirms that sites rank better this way. The title should be wrapped in a <h1> tag.
  • Place 2-3 keywords around the title in the text. It is a pretty old-fashioned US SEO method, but it still works. Use.
  • Optimize meta descriptions for local search.
  • Use Google Ads to find examples of good descriptions and use them to create your own. Be sure to look closely at competitors’ words in their reports.

Get your cannabis products to the top with local SEO and the recommendations in this article.

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