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How to Store Delta 10 Gummies Properly?

Storing delta-10 gummies is worth the extra step for people that want to keep their gummies fresh for longer, experience the best potent effects of their gummies, and ensure their delta-10 gummies continue to provide them with that amazing head-high and increased focus.

Fortunately, delta-10 gummies are some of the easiest types of THC products to store since many of them already come beautifully and expertly packaged! If you’d like to try these gummies for yourself, the store offers some of the best Delta 10 gummy bears to help satisfy your sweet tooth, give you a burst of flavor, and help you experience the finest effects of delta 10 for weeks to come! 

Below is everything you need to know about storing your delta-10 gummies appropriately and safely so that they don’t pose a threat to small pets and children as well.

Keep Delta 10 THC Gummies Fresh 

It’s important to keep your Delta-10 THC gummies fresh for as long as possible. While you might not want to use your Delta-10 THC gummy bears every day, you also don’t want to store them improperly and have them lose their potency when you’re ready to use them.

Delta-10 THC, like all other THC products, does have the potential to degrade and lose its effects under certain conditions. For instance, studies have found that heat, UV light, and poor storage all play a role in THC degrading earlier than it’s supposed to. 

Delta-10 THC gummies might also lose their flavor and turn stale, which is a shame for the sweet, tangy, and sour gummy bears packed full of flavor. To keep your gummies fresh, it’s also a good idea to prevent air from affecting your delta-10 THC gummies.

When stored properly, you can enjoy your gummies for weeks and can experience benefits such as:

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Enhanced mood
  • Stress relief
  • Better focus
  • Head high without anxiety

Simple Storage Rules for Delta 10 Gummies

Fortunately, storing your Delta-10 gummies is incredibly easy. You can follow these rules below to help you store your Delta-10 gummies for maximum shelf life and potency!

Rule 1: Store in a Cool, Dry, Dark Place

As mentioned earlier, many Delta-10 THC products and other products containing THC will degrade over time due to ultraviolet light from the sun, heat, and improper storage. However, studies have found that when stored in a cool, dry, and dark place, your THC gummy bears and other products can have a better shelf life and will not experience degradation.

One of the best places to store your THC products is in the pantry or other shelves away from direct light or heat. A top pantry shelf in the kitchen is an excellent storage spot.

Rule 2: Keep Away From Excess Heat and Moisture

Heat can also ruin THC products, especially gummies. Gummy bears contain sugar, which can turn into a sticky mess if exposed to excessive heat or moisture. It’s best to keep your gummies away from direct heat and away from hotter areas such as the bathroom, garage, or inside of your car.

Rule 3: Prevent Oxidation Through Airtight Container

Many delta-10 THC gummies come in their own airtight containers. You can keep your gummy bears in these containers since many manufacturers put careful thought into storage and conditions that are optimal inside of these containers.

However, if your gummy bears are inside of a disposable back or your bag’s airtight seal rips, store them in an airtight glass jar. Preventing air exposure can help prevent oxidation of your gummy bears, which will make them turn stale and lose potency. 

Rule 4: Keep Away From Children and Pets

Many gummy bears are sweet treats that pack a powerful punch of Delta-10 TCH (between 25mg to 40mg or more). While these may be great treats to get you through your day, they can be poisonous for children and small dogs.

Always store your gummies in an area that is far away from children and pets, preferably on a high shelf. You can also lock your shelves with a padlock for increased safety. It’s also best to contact a doctor or emergency services right away if your child accidentally eats your Delta-10 THC gummy bears. THC poisoning must be treated by a medical professional. 

Rule 5: Store and Use as Soon as Possible

It’s best to use your Delta-10 THC gummy bears as soon as possible. Don’t buy your gummies in bulk, so you can enjoy them in their freshest and most potent form. Many packages come with multiple edible treats, so there’s no need to buy more than a couple at a time.


Storing your Delta-10 gummy bears can help you enjoy them in their best form, help you experience the best uplifting effects of Delta-10, and can also keep your gummies chewy and delicious! Follow these steps above to properly store your edibles for longer.

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