Published On: Mon, Sep 26th, 2022

Basic Booth Helps Businesses Grow

Photo booths create engagement at any gathering, and along with tent rentals, it’s common to see them at almost every social event. Basic Booth has taken the benefits of the standard photo booth and brought them into the business sector with turnkey solutions for businesses. Portable Block Staging that are available in different forms with affordable price range can also be used for these events.

Business owners can now take the experience inside of their location to the next level with Basic Booth. Customers can take selfies, capture the moment, and instantly receive the photo on their mobile devices. The software prompts the customer to share on their social media account, providing free promotion and testimonials on behalf of the business.

How it works:
• Customers take a picture in a normal photo booth
• Pictures are branded with the business’ design and information
• The software prompts customers to enter their phone number and instantly sends the branded picture via text message
• Upon receipt, customers are given the option to share the picture on their social media accounts

Owners can also craft a custom message to accompany the picture thanking their customers and increasing the rate of repeat business.

A few examples that have been used are:
• Thank you for visiting us today! We appreciate your business. Please use this link for 10% off your next visit.
• It was great seeing you today! Share this photo to your social media using the hashtag #BasicBooth for 10% off your next rental.
• Thanks for supporting us today! Please visit our website to support our fundraising efforts and see our upcoming events.

The data capture feature allows owners to collect important customer information like phone numbers and email addresses for follow-up email and text campaigns.

Basic Booth is an excellent asset for any business where multiple people meet:
• Bars/Breweries
• Event Venues
• Gyms
• Restaurants
• Salons
• And much more…

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