Published On: Tue, Aug 30th, 2022

Veterans Provide Unique Skills to Protect with Pilum Defense

The wars which America fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are some of the longest, sustained military operations in the nation’s history according to a book titled, Evaluation of the Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health Services. This book also states that over 4 million men and women served their country during these wars. As a result of increasing concern over the health of these veterans, the US congress established a commission to investigate the access which veterans have to mental health care services at the Department of Veteran Affairs. The commission concluded that the Department of Veteran Affairs provides mental health care which is on par or better than the mental health care which is available in the public and private sector. 

This means that veterans are being well taken care of once they leave the military in terms of their mental and physical well-being. One of the most important aspects of mental health is having a purpose. Pilum Defense is providing veterans with a purpose and place to utilize their unique and highly useful skill set. Pilum Defense is a total protection and investigation firm which has a number of specialities. They are both owned and operated by veterans. This both ensures that veterans have a place to work in which they can utilize their skills and knowledge as well as ensuring that the clients of Pilum receive the highest quality of service. 

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Pilum Defense and Their Unique Skill Set 

Pilum Defense Agency is a world-class and battle tested firm which provides total protection, investigation and firearms training solutions. There is a great post to read here on how you can join some firearm webinars, check it out to learn more. The team members of Pilum have over a hundred years of combined experience and expertise in both the public and the private sectors. The core team of the firm is composed of former military and law enforcement personnel who bring many years of experience from the US’s most esteemed agencies. 

As was mentioned previously, Pilum is both owned and operated by veterans. They were also founded by former US Marine and Navy Seal personnel who have both seen combat. All of the protectors, investigators and advisors which work at Pilum have either served in the US military or in law enforcement. This distinct and prestigious background has made Pilum Defense singularly inclined and ideally trained to complete their assignments with both success and integrity. This is all while they are consistently able to exceed the expectations of their clients. 

Pilum Defense is supported by a respected and esteemed board of advisors which is composed of both high-ranking military office and business executives. The team members of Pilum have served both their nation and their communities with integrity, valor and honor. Pilum prides themselves as a company on this core set of values and as a result they have built their brand around. The firm exists because they believe that decorated military and law enforcement members provide truly unique and singular skills to public and commercial entities. This is particularly true when dealing with investigations and on-site unknowable, high–risk situations as well as complex problems and circumstances which arise in the course of protections or investigations. 

The skills which Pilum members have gained during their time in the military and law enforcement often prove invaluable during their protection and investigation work. During their time serving these members have been exposed to many unpredictable and complex situations with which they have to deal. This means that they have experience and wisdom to know how to handle these sorts of situations. The same cannot be said for individuals which do not have the same level of experience or expertise. 

Final Thoughts 

Pilum Defense is uniquely equipped to handle the difficult situations which arise during the course of their protection and investigation work. Their skill sets have been acquired through over a hundred years of experience working in both the private sector and in the military or law enforcement. This makes them uniquely qualified to engage in both protection, investigation and firearms training. As a result Pilum is a highly qualified defense, investigation and protection firm which is not only experienced in battle but also experienced in the work of private security and investigation. 

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