Published On: Tue, Aug 16th, 2022

The charming and charismatic Michael Bublé brings his “Higher” Tour to Sunrise, FL on Aug 12 performing at FLA Live Arena

Punctuating the beat of his popular hits with kicks and twists, Bublé delivers a good mix of classic tunes from the Frank Sinatra era together with his own up-beat songs providing a perfect balance of entertainment to his loyal fans.

Bublé has been performing for over 20 years and as he mentioned during the show, it’s obvious that he loves to sing old songs, which people usually associate him with, but it’s important to remember that he is also a great song writer, “greatest ever” as he adorably proclaimed with a humorous tone.

His Canadian politeness is very much part of his charm. He seems to truly enjoy conversing with the fans, entertaining the crowd with short dialogues and funny jokes. “This a baby making concert, that’s what we do”, he declared while introducing the 34-member band orchestra that travels with him on tour.

Performing synchronized dance moves, his vocalists captivated the audience during the performance of “Everything”, one of the popular favorites from the album “ Call me Irresponsible” released 15 years ago but still a relevant popular hit.

His bubbly and infectious personality is equally fitting to the reason fans love to see him perform as much as the fabric of his incredible and powerful voice. A voice that can be heard beautifully without a single instrument. During the performance of “Smile”, the old classic composed by Charlie Chaplin, Bublé sat at the edge of the stage, accompanied only by the piano, and shared some thoughts on what the song represented; “While this song talks about adversity, it talks about hope and the strength of being able not just to survive, but to thrive, so it gives me great joy to sing it for you now”. One can sense how genuine and emotionally present he is on stage and how effortless he keeps the audience engaged.

His signature smile and array of love songs, is very appealing to an audience usually composed of females and couples. The back-up band of musicians and vocalists brings richness to the show providing a joyful and memorable experience.

Buble’s romantic voice and swift style combined with the stage setting, orchestra and the choir is the closest one can get to a Frank Sinatra sort of show. It is truly “one of a kind’ experience.

Michael Bublé insists that bringing Love to the surface is what inspires him to perform. In these challenging times, this sentiment is very much welcomed.

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