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‘Leftovers’ thrown out on ‘Big Brother’

By Matthew Lutey

“Dyre Festival” lived up to its name for “The Leftovers” alliance. 

After dominating the game for weeks, 25-year-old lawyer Joseph Abdin became the first member of the seven-person alliance evicted on the CBS reality show “Big Brother.” 

Jasmine Davis, a 30-year-old business owner, was also evicted Thursday in a unique form of the show’s classic double eviction episode. 

The objective of “Big Brother” is to be the last houseguest remaining, which results in a $750,000 prize. Houseguests are cut off from the outside world, followed by cameras and vie for power to be the Head of Household and nominate two players they would like to see eliminated. A weekly vote is conducted to evict one of the nominated houseguests. 

Typically in a double eviction, the houseguests are not clued in that two people will be leaving on the same night until the night itself. This season, host Julie Chen-Moonves told them last week as a part of a new twist that split the house into two groups of five. 

Five houseguests spent the week living the good life inside the house at “Big Brochella,” and the other five had to live outside at “Dyre Fest.” The outside group had limited food choices, slept on pool floats and used porta potties. 

The groups were chosen via schoolyard pick by co-Heads of Household Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins. Since Michael finished first in the HOH competition, his group got to live inside, and he chose Jasmine, Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor. 

Terrance selected Matthew Turner (who goes by Turner), Alyssa Snider, Joseph and Kyle Capener for “Dyre Fest.” 

Inside the house it was a smooth week for “The Leftovers,” since everyone but Jasmine is in the alliance, and Michael was in power. Michael has expressed to his top ally Brittany and in diary room sessions that he wants a strong member of his alliance out soon, but he didn’t want to do it himself. Michael took a safe course by targeting Jasmine for eviction. 

Jasmine was nominated next to Monte, and after Brittany won the Power of Veto, the events of the week were locked in at “Big Brochella.” 

Outside it was a totally different story. With a member outside of “The Leftovers” in power for the first time in a long time, it caused scrambling and information being leaked. Terrance seemed to be targeting Joseph for eviction anyway, but Kyle made sure that was the case by spilling the “The Leftovers” alliance to his “showmance” Alyssa and Terrance. 

The undercurrent of Kyle jumping ship could be seen based on last week, when members of his alliance wanted him to use the veto to change nominations and get his love interest Alyssa evicted. 

“I did what I had to do to save Alyssa and I this week,” Kyle said in a diary room session. “And I’m pretty sure Joseph would’ve done the same thing if he got the chance. So sorry bro, I just got there first.” 

Joseph campaigned to save himself after Terrance won the outside veto competition. However, reality set in once Terrance revealed to him that Kyle had turned his back on “The Leftovers” and outed the alliance. 

“I’m heartbroken,” Joseph said in the diary room.  “Kyle betrayed me. He’s not even on the block, and he’s the one to go and betray everything we worked so hard to build. I was even willing to throw the veto to him. I’ve literally been played for a fool.” 

Terrance originally nominated Turner and Joseph, but used the veto on Turner and nominated Kyle in an attempt to get more information about what’s been going on that he’s been unaware of. Joseph mentioned to Terrance that Kyle will make for an untrustworthy ally down the line.

“If I can highlight how Kyle has only thought about himself and then his showmance Alyssa at the expense of everyone else, I can get these votes on my side,” Joseph said in the diary room.

But Joseph’s plan didn’t work. Turner, Kyle, Alyssa and Terrance formed a four-person alliance, and the game dynamics could shift to the four people left that were outside of the house against the four people left that were inside. The winner of the next Head of Household competition will be crucial, as it will determine what information gets told to whom about what happened while the house was separated.

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