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From Galleries to the Metaverse: Artist Sandy Cohen on Art in 2022

The Metaverse is defined as, “the post-reality universe, a perpetual and persistent multiuser environment merging physical reality with digital virtuality”. The metaverse is based on the convergence of technologies which enable sensory interactions with virtual environments, digital objects and people. These technologies include virtual reality and augmented reality. As such, the metaverse is an interconnected web of highly social, networked and immersive environments operating on persisting multiuser platforms. The metaverse enables a seamless user experience and allows for communication and real-time interaction with digital objects. The first iteration of the metaverse was a web of virtual worlds where human avatars were able to teleport among them. In a more contemporary setting the metaverse features social and immersive virtual reality platforms which are compatible with massive multiplayer online video games similar to ket qua moi nhat, open game worlds and augmented reality spaces.

The metaverse also includes digital art as part of its wide scope. Many digital artists are finding a home for their work through the metaverse and this includes NFTs. NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and these are used as a means of authenticating ownership of something. One of the most common uses for NFTs is for digital artists to provide an ownership certificate of their work. This allows digital artists to generate revenue through their work and build a name for themselves in a similar manner to traditional artists who held exhibitions at an Original Abstract Art Gallery. Sandy Cohen is a famous artist based in New York and she has her work in both in-person contemporary art gallery and online as part of the metaverse. 

Copyright: Sandy Cohen

Who is Sandy Cohen? 

Sandy Cohen is an internationally celebrated artist whose works are aesthetically and emotionally captivating. She was born in Israel, grew up in New York and showed artistic talents from a young age. Cohen is a self-taught artist who was discovered by Peter Max on the streets of New York City at the young age of nineteen. However, her promising career would be halted in its tracks by a devastating illness which she contracted shortly before her twentieth birthday. She had a reaction to medication which led to the development of severe ME/CFS and Dysautonomia. She spent five years bedridden and the next seven years in a wheelchair. During this period, art was her escape and she would continue to create whenever she was able. This affected the trajectory of her career and greatly influenced the direction of her creativity.

In 2017, Cohen successfully re-emerged into the art scene. Within the first year, her paintings were featured at Art Basel and galleries in the US and Europe. Currently her work hangs in galleries all over the world and it is in the private collection of two royal families. She works out of her studios in the Hamptons and New York City. All of her works of art are filled with deep messages that come from her own experience of life. She hopes to be an inspiration to others to never give up. 

Art in 2022 

Art in 2022 is increasingly diverse and original. Many artists are pushing the boundaries of what art can be and what messages it can convey and once they are ready to sell they get legal counsel for art transactions. Additionally, the distribution channels of art have become less centralized thanks to the emergence of NFTs as a viable means of purchasing and selling digital art. Cohen has always been passionate about digital art and has been able to have this passion validated by the advent of NFTs. Physical galleries are now no longer the only means for artists to establish themselves. Many artists now work exclusively in the digital space. Cohen works in a multitude of mediums and as a result works in both analog and digital formats. She has a passion for expressing her creativity and she likes to do this in the medium which best suits her vision for her piece. This leads to her having a variety of strengths as an artist and fully engaging with the digitization of art which NFTs have brought about.  

Final Thoughts 

Artist Sandy Cohen’s journey is an inspiring story. She has taken a long route to get to where she is today but this has not stopped her from achieving tremendous success. She has been able to re-emerge into the art scene in an exciting period of its development. This period sees a shift away from traditional gallery spaces and toward a more decentralized art market in which digital art is gaining greater esteem by the day. This is in no small part due to NFTs and their impact on the legitimization and monetization of digital art.  

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