Published On: Sun, Aug 14th, 2022

A New Era of Marketing: Lunar Strategy, Tim Haldorsson and Web3

Web3 is bringing a new era of the internet as well as a new era for marketing. This has been discussed in an academic article titled, “A Conceptual Framework for Marketing Strategies in Web 3.0 Age: Adaptive Marketing Capabilities”. In this article the authors engage with the new challenges that marketers face as a result of Web3. One of these challenges is the massive amounts of data which marketing agencies need to handle as an organization. The academics claim that these new challenges require a different approach and an upgrade of traditional marketing practices and infrastructure. They contend that adaptive capabilities are required in order to meet the new demands of marketing in the digital environment so that marketing agencies are able to maintain a competitive advantage with seo, ppc and other marketing strategies. 

Tim Haldorsson and Lunar Strategy 

Tim Haldorsson Speaking at The Non Fungible Conference

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Tim Haldorsson is the CEO of Lunar Strategy, a marketing agency which specializes in marketing in the Web3 environment. Haldorsson is a former Google employee who noticed a significant gap in the market for an agency which was ready to tackle the new demands and challenges of Web3 marketing. He observed that traditional marketing agencies were either unwilling or unable to adapt to the new environment of Web3. Web3 in general and blockchain businesses in particular require a new and different approach to their marketing strategy. 

The team at Lunar Strategy specializes in crypto and NFT marketing. Each member of the team is an avid crypto enthusiast and they all own crypto in a personal capacity. The personal investment of the team and their wide base of knowledge around crypto gives them the advantage when it comes to marketing other crypto projects. The team knows what they are personally looking for in a new project and as a result they are able to provide this to their clients, get more info here!

One of the most important aspects of marketing in the Web3 environment is the process of community development. Haldorsson and his team at Lunar Strategy are experts in this process. They use a number of different techniques and approaches to develop a community around an upcoming project in the decentralized financial space. One of these techniques is the process of community management. Once a community has been developed it is vital that this community is handled appropriately. The team at Lunar Strategy have developed the expertise to know just how to do this and ensure that a community built around a company’s project is engaged and satisfied. 

Lunar Strategy has other tools available at their disposal to ensure that new projects in the DeFi space are able to reach the success which they desire. These tools include paid advertising which is suited for SEO, social media content production and management, public relations and influencer marketing as well as the ability to get new cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges. This diverse and broad range of tools and skills allows Lunar Strategy to be able to provide crypto and NFT projects with the exposure that they require. 

As part of the decentralized philosophy of the blockchain environment Lunar Strategy has recently launched Lunar Academy. This is a marketing academy which is targeted towards marketers who are working in the Web2 environment and would like to enhance their ability to work in the Web3 space. While the Academy is targeted towards these individuals it is also accessible for those who would like to learn how to market in the Web3 environment without a great deal of expertise in marketing. The Lunar Academy was created to help bridge the knowledge gap regarding Web3 marketing and as a result allow more people to be able to understand how to market in this environment. 

Final Thoughts 

Web3 brings new challenges to marketers who are looking to market in this space. A new set of techniques and skills are required in order to be able to market effectively within a new environment. Lunar Strategy possesses these important skills and proficiencies as well as an intense passion for the world of crypto and NFTs. It is the combination of this passion with their wide knowledge base that allows them to be able to market in the Web3 environment with such a high degree of proficiency.   

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