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Top 5 People in Makeup for 2022: Kim Dayan, Meredith Duxberry, and More

Makeup artists inspire others to create looks that bring out their best features. These five beauty influencers create perfect makeup looks thanks to their signature style, and their tutorial videos on social media make it easier for their followers to recreate their favorites.

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1.      Kim Dayan

Israeli-born Kim Dayan has excelled as a makeup artist in her native country. The former Miss Israel contestant creates beautiful makeup looks, including bridal, with lots of natural colors. Known for creating beautiful contouring and for radiant faces with a stunning natural glow, Kim Dayan inspires young followers to follow in her footsteps on her Instagram page.

Dayan’s determination to escape her humble beginnings was all the encouragement she needed to enter the Miss Israel pageant at 18. Thanks to her robust support environment, she paved the way for her professional success from that moment onward. Soon after, the self-made beauty also appeared on the TV show ‘TLV,’ where she gained further experience from her interactions on the show.

As Kim’s career grew, she worked in several other shows and participated in different beauty contests, but she always wanted a platform where she could showcase her work. For Kim Dayan, the ability to provide guidance and encouragement comes from her talent for doing makeup. She believes that social media provides her with the best platform to show others how to overcome life’s difficulties. Motivation is what gave her the power to put dark times behind her, and she hopes to help others by showing them how they can take control through her influence on her platform.

Today, Kim Dayan’s followers look forward to hearing about the latest makeup trends and can’t wait to follow her steps to recreate her looks. As a wife and mother, Kim is self-fulfilled and proud of having attained her dreams and goals.

2.      Meredith Duxberry

The famous British TikTok influencer and makeup artist Meredith Duxbury has 15 million followers on the platform. Besides reviewing makeup products, Meredith also shares skincare routines and has an Instagram travel and fashion blog.

Known for her unconventional use of a massive amount of foundation, Duxberry recently shared that that has become the favorite part of her routine among her followers. Despite loving her freckles, she says she uses so much makeup to cover them, showing others how to conceal pigmentation or pimples effectively.

3.      Nam Vo

Skincare and makeup artist Nam Vo is known for her signature dewy look known as the “dewy dumpling.” Many stars, including Chrissy Tegan and Kylie Jenner, have sported her reflective illusion of beautiful skin.

Nam Vo insists beautiful skin requires excellent skincare, good brushes and sponges, and great makeup products. Despite the initial struggle to build her career, today, the American-born makeup artist pursued her dream, owns a makeup company, and has worked with several celebrities

4.      Sabine Safar

With her creative, daring, and experimental makeup looks, Sabine Safar is on the other end of the cosmetics spectrum. Her 2 million followers on TikTok love her passion for colors and her eccentric style, including the famous clown look she used for her TikTok debut in 2018.

The Saudi-born makeup artist studied in Belgium, where she now lives. Sabine stops at nothing as far as her makeup creations go, but she also posts more “normal” looks that a girl can sport on any outing.

5.      Anne Knook  

Anne Knook has over a million followers on Instagram. The beauty influencer has fun eye looks and innovative ideas that give her followers their daily makeup inspirations. Knook’s ideas are easy to follow and recreate. Active since 2014, the Dutch makeup artist also has a YouTube channel where she presents makeup tutorials and owns an online eyelash company.

Whether you like a monochrome or multi-chrome eye maquillage, Anne Knook’s eye makeup ideas never disappoint.

Last Word

These makeup artists used the opportunities given them at a young age to develop their talents and a love for beauty and cosmetics. They have faced difficulties in their lives but have fought opposing forces to come out on the brighter side. Besides their beautiful makeup looks and tips on how to create them, they use social media to empower millions of their followers and subscribers to take their example and better their lives.  

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