Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2022

To Curate a Showroom: Christiane Dania on Archicover 

According to market research the architectural industry will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2021 and 2026. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the architectural industry and this will only continue to increase in the future. More and more architectural firms and businesses are taking advantage of the benefits which technology can provide for them. This includes the use of Virtual Reality to gain a better understanding of a space before it is constructed. 

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There is an increasing demand for green building and this is one of the factors which is driving market growth. Green buildings are both better for the environment and also better for developers as they can increase their return on investment by as much as 19%. Additionally, occupancy while renting can increase by as much as 3%. Green technology can also produce savings in operating costs as the building is designed to consume fewer resources than an ordinary building. 

The Asia-Pacific region is both the fastest growing and the largest market for architectural services. This is because of the increasing need for construction and the ever expanding real estate industries in these countries. Additionally, many countries in this region have a focus on smart cities and this is driving the architectural and real estate sectors as well. Interest in investment in the Asia–Pacific region is another factor that is driving growth in the market as many international buyers wish to purchase investment properties in these countries. 

Christiane Dania on Archicover

Christiane Dania and her husband, Michael Dania, have created the material and surface showroom Archicover which houses a massive array of materials and surfaces for the architectural and interior design industries. In Archicover customers will find a considerable collection of diverse materials and surface samples. These samples have been selected from across the globe and are arranged in a variety of nuanced colors. The Archicover showroom is manufacturer-independent and it is set in the nineteenth district of the picturesque city of Vienna. 

Christiane and Michael have been scouting for materials across the globe for a number of years and they sort what the globe has to offer by quality, usability and design standards. This is all recorded and displayed in the Archicover showroom as the Dania’s are both the importers and editors of their world of surfaces. Archicover also has an in-house development team and these products nicely round out the variety which they are known for. In addition to the impressive collection of physical samples there are also digital samples available which can help customers get a complete picture of their design.  

The material and surface library at Archicover is sorted by topic and type of material or surface and it includes over 5000 already made material and surface samples for perusal. This massive range of materials can help architects and interior designers to create a sample set of materials for their next project in a matter of hours. In addition to the range which they display of materials like Mauersteine, Archicover also provides a range of sample products from well-known furniture, plumbing and lighting manufacturers. There are also other categories of extras on display to help customers to coordinate their designs with the materials and surfaces which they have selected. 

Those looking for the right piece for their new design or architectural project will in all likelihood be able to find what they are looking for within Archicover. If this is not the case then custom made pieces can be created in the Archicover workshop. This allows the Archicover team to create completely original pieces for their customers. The team at Arch Cover confidently states that, “there are no limits to our joint creativity”. 

Final Thoughts 

The architectural industry is continuing to grow and is predicted to continue doing so over the next few years. Christiane Dania and Michael Dania have created Archicover which is a showroom of curated materials and surfaces which have been sourced from all over the world. These materials and surfaces number over 5000 and are arranged in a showroom which is over 1000m2. Architects and interior designers should have no problem putting together a complete palette of samples within only a few hours thanks to the well curated and managed collection of materials and surfaces at Archicover. 

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