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Sophie Frabotta: A Spiritual Entrepreneur on a Mission with Global Impact

In a recent academic article titled, Manifesting Millions: How Women’s Spiritual Entrepreneurship Genders Capitalism the author proposed that, “Women’s spiritual entrepreneurship offers a new way of practicing capitalism in keeping with values traditionally coded as “feminine.”” The author goes on to state that women’s spiritual entrepreneurship functions as both a categorization and a movement. It has a wide range of business practices which are, “centered on the belief that making money can be spiritually fulfilling”. The possibility discussed has the potential to be manifested when spiritual entrepreneurs center their focus on, “the traditionally feminine ideals of teaching and nurturing and utilizes spiritual practices such as meditation, manifesting, and mindfulness”. 

The author states that they will interrogate the logic behind women’s spiritual entrepreneurship in three main areas in which the ideas discussed above are prevalent. These areas are, “multi-level marketing, self-help products and guides, and women’s business coaching”. The author then goes on to claim that examples from all three categories will illustrate the manner in which women’s spiritual entrepreneurship functions in the modern US using a web of shared religious techniques and ideals.

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Sophie Frabotta and Her Mission 

Sophie Frabotta is a spiritual entrepreneur and psychologist who has over 15 years of experience helping people through a number of different techniques. These techniques include: spiritual healing sessions, workshops, retreats, meditations, audio healing sessions, worksheets, articles, and downloads and they are designed to inform people about how to step into the spiritual healing process. Frabotta is also a spiritual life coach and she has an internationally recognized certification for this. 

Frabotta also mentors those who are seeking to become spiritual life coaches and are ready to engage in a process of what she describes as, “deep spiritual healing”. This is conducted using proprietary techniques which Frabotta has developed over her career and her 15 years working with clients of every kind. She has the philosophy that aspiring coaches should be authentic in their pursuit by embodying the work. This means that, “we don’t just learn it, we live it”. Frabotta has an academic background and earned her Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto California. 

Frabotta uses both her academic background and her many practical years of work to engage in the process of teaching people how to live up to their full potential. This is something that she is extremely passionate about and something she has been refining all her life. Frabotta sought out a degree in Transpersonal psychology with a specialization in spiritual psychology over a traditional clinical psychology degree because, to her, “blending psychology with spirituality seemed to be the missing component to healing and unlocking one’s gifts, over just understanding and labeling neurosis”. This strong philosophy in combination with her intense passion for the field well equip her in conducting her craft. Over the years, Frabotta has garnered the nickname The Soul Whisperer because she is able to, “hear the words their souls whisper and then teach them to hear it too”. 

Aside from her engagement with transpersonal and spiritual psychology, Frabotta is also an active entrepreneur. She has developed the 4 Rs method which focuses on four stages which are: recognize, release, reprogramme, radiate. She encourages others to use these techniques as well. Frabotta has also opened up a retail shop which she has called Awaken Crystal Gallery. In the shop she sells artisanal handmade crystal jewelry in a number of different styles and settings. She has also published a book in 2012 which was titled The Continuous Appetite. This book was described as, “a book specifically for overeaters that digs deep into the heart and soul of what this behavior is about. Sophie does an excellent job of offering hope and providing practical how-to’s on overcoming something that seems hopeless to many.” by the psychologist Dr. Stephanie May who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. 

Final Thoughts 

Sophie Frabotta is on a mission to bring spiritual healing, psychology and entrepreneurship around the globe and have a positive global impact on those who interact with her and her businesses. She is an industry leader in the field of transpersonal psychology and has developed multiple proprietary techniques in the field. These techniques have been honed over her 15 year career and over 10,000 hours of one on one spiritual healing and guidance.

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