Published On: Fri, Jul 1st, 2022

Join Hooters Girls and Give a Hoot for Self-Help International

Agatha Kukubuso

Funds raised empower women business owners in rural communities

Boca Raton, FL – Seven local Hooters Girls are raising funds in support of Self-Help International ‘s work to empower women from Friday, July 1 until Friday, July 8. Newly crowned 2022 Miss Hooters International Madison Novo (Hialeah), Aria Slavin (Sarasota), Sloan Miavitz (Sarasota), Olivia Scott (Sarasota), Skylar Becker (Fort Myers), Grace Burchett (Hooters of Fort Myers Beach) and Gianna Tulio (2021 Miss Hooters International) are participating in the fundraising efforts to invest in women business owners trying to start and grow their own business-and help them lift up their families communities in the process.  

In addition to their online fundraising efforts the group of Hooters Girls will be traveling to Waverly, Iowa for the Hooters Give a Hoot for Self Help International Weekend.  The Lags Memorial Golf Tournament will take place on Friday, July 8 at the Prairie Links Golf Course and the annual Lagsride bike ride will start at Kohlmann Park on Saturday, July 9th.  

Hooters Girls Fundraising Links:

  • Aria Slavin (Hooters of Sarasota)   

  • Gianna Tulio (2021 Miss Hooters)

  • Grace Burchett (Hooters of Fort Myers Beach)

  • Olivia Scott (Hooters of Sarasota)  

  • Madison Novo (Hooters of Hialeah and 2022 Miss Hooters International)  

  • Skylar Becker (Hooters of Fort Myers)

  • Sloan Miavitz (Hooters of Sarasota)

Give a Hoot for Self-Help International by helping women in Ghana and Nicaragua start and grow their own businesses. Self Help works to support women business owners in rural communities by providing low interest micro-loans. Oftentimes, women in these small communities are not eligible to receive loans through formal banks and sometimes end up taking loans with predatory lenders.  By having access to capital through Self-Help, women are able to start and invest in their businesses.  In tandem with providing micro-loans, Self Help offers training sessions to help women improve their business practices so they can grow their incomes.  Women are powerful agents for changes, and when you invest in them, they are able to lift up their families and communities.  Economically empowered women empower others.  With the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to help women invest in their businesses.  For more information on Self-Help International visit

South Florida Hooters is supporting this great cause in memory of the late Dave “Lags” Lageschulte, Hooters franchise owner, Waverly native, and long-time supporter of Self-Help International.

“South Florida Hooters has supported Self Help International for more than 11 years. The support began because the late Dave “Lags” Lageschulte, founder of South Florida Hooters was from the same small town, Waverly, IA, where Self Help International was founded. Lags and his family supported Self Help from its inception. Hooters has sent local Hooters Calendar Girls to the Give a Hoot Weekend,” said LTP Management Director of Marketing Kristi Quarles. 

LTP Management, a Franchisee of Hooters of America, owns and operates 16 locations in South Florida. For more information about South Florida Hooters please visit or follow us at Twitter @HootersFlorida, Instagram @SouthFLHooters and Facebook

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