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Your State’s Favorite Elvis Presley Song

Elvis Presley

Boca Raton, FL – Elvis Presley (1935-1977) is famously known as the King of Rock-and-Roll as he won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. To this day, many people still listen to and thoroughly enjoy his music. Even after his unexpected death in 1977, many fans still adore him and admire the legacy he left behind.

With the upcoming release of Elvis on June 24th, the biopic about the King of Rock-and-Roll and his life, Scholarship Institute was curious about which songs have become the most popular over the years. Our analysts conducted research on the most popular Elvis Presley songs of all time, then crunched the numbers to find out which of his songs is the favorite in each state. Find out which Elvis Presley song is your state’s favorite below!

Interesting Facts & Findings

Popular Elvis Presley Songs

While Elvis Presley had plenty of hits that most people would recognize today, here are some of his most popular songs of all time and which states rank them as their favorites.

StateFavorite Elvis Presley Song
AlabamaCan’t Help Falling in Love
AlaskaCan’t Help Falling in Love
ArizonaLove Me Tender
ArkansasHound Dog
CaliforniaIf I Can Dream
ColoradoLove Me Tender
ConnecticutIn the Ghetto
DelawareIn the Ghetto
District of ColumbiaIn the Ghetto
FloridaIt’s Now or Never
GeorgiaHeartbreak Hotel
HawaiiBurning Love
IdahoIn the Ghetto
IllinoisIt’s Now or Never
IndianaBurning Love
IowaSuspicious Minds
KansasBurning Love
KentuckyBlue Suede Shoes
LouisianaIn the Ghetto
MaineIn the Ghetto
MarylandLove Me Tender
MassachusettsSuspicious Minds
MichiganHeartbreak Hotel
MinnesotaIn the Ghetto
MississippiBurning Love
MissouriSuspicious Minds
MontanaCan’t Help Falling in Love
NebraskaJailhouse Rock
NevadaAll Shook Up
New HampshireIn the Ghetto
New JerseyIt’s Now or Never
New MexicoSuspicious Minds
New YorkBurning Love
North CarolinaHeartbreak Hotel
North DakotaIn the Ghetto
OhioHeartbreak Hotel
OklahomaSuspicious Minds
OregonBurning Love
PennsylvaniaAlways on My Mind
Rhode IslandCan’t Help Falling in Love
South CarolinaLove Me Tender
South DakotaIn the Ghetto
TennesseeLove Me Tender
TexasIt’s Now or Never
UtahJailhouse Rock
VermontCan’t Help Falling in Love
VirginiaHeartbreak Hotel
WashingtonDon’t Be Cruel
West VirginiaHound Dog
WisconsinLove Me Tender
WyomingIn the Ghetto

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