Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022

How Safe Are Your Documents In The Cloud?

Gone are the days when a user used a hard disk or a pen drive to store important documents or media files like videos and images. Today, everyone prefers to use cloud storage to store important and unimportant files. Firstly, cloud storage ensures that the data is accessible anywhere and anytime. The decision to store data in cloud storage comes from convenience. In addition to that, we know that storing documents on cloud storage is safe. The real question is, how safe are your documents really on cloud storage?

The answer is yes if you are looking for a one word answer to this question. In comparison to storing your data on your devices, it is better to store them on cloud storage. It is safer there, even though you might not have control over the servers where your data is stored. Here is why storing your documents on cloud storage is safe. 

1. Multiple backups of the document 

When you store a document on cloud storage, it undergoes not one but multiple backups. When you upload a piece of a document to any cloud storage space, the document automatically gets copied on multiple servers across independent data centers. For instance, if you are tracking the IPs that you use using What Is My IP for research and you upload the findings on cloud storage, it will automatically copy it to several locations. The multiple copies alone ensure that your data is fully safe. 

For instance, if one server fails, you can easily use another to collect the same information since the data is available on multiple copies. Top cloud storage routinely ensures that the copy of your data is available on multiple servers. You will have a better idea of it from the fact that losing a document after uploading it on Amazon Web Services is one in 100 billion. You may also compare ProMAX with EditShare if you need a storage server with video specific features.

2. Constant monitoring 

Cloud storage services are expensive for a reason. The cloud storage servers are constantly monitoring a team of cybersecurity experts. Getting that level of security against any digital threat is impossible for any individual or a small business. The cybersecurity experts who monitor cloud storage data are constantly looking for security loopholes in the system. This team works on exploring the vulnerabilities and fixing them. In short, your data is in safe hands if you decide to store it on cloud storage. 

These two factors make storing data on cloud storage extremely safe. However, it is not enough to secure your data on cloud storage. It is extremely important to take other precautionary measures to boost the data you store on cloud storage. 

How To Boost Cloud Storage Security?

Your cloud storage provider will look out for the security of the data stored in their servicer once it is uploaded. Still, there can be loopholes from your side that they can do nothing about. Therefore, it is important for the users to actively boost cloud storage security. 

The easiest way of giving an additional layer of security to the data you upload on cloud storage includes encryption. Encrypt all the data that you upload to the cloud and ensure that only you have the encryption key. Many cloud service providers allow users to opt for end-to-end encryption. However, if they do not, go for your encryption on your own before uploading the data to cloud storage service. Also, keep the encryption key safe. If you lose it, there is no way for you to recover your data. 

Secondly, turn on the two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, you can make it extremely difficult for someone to access your account without your knowledge. Passwords are not safe especially if they are not strong. Also, There are many sharp-minded people who work endlessly to crack passwords. Therefore, it is important to go for two-factor authentication whenever possible to give an additional layer of security. 

Lastly, log out of your cloud storage account from the devices that you do not use. If you log in to your cloud storage accounts from multiple devices that you do not even use, you are putting the security of your cloud storage account at risk. For instance, anyone who borrows your device will have access to your cloud storage account and they will not even need any two-factor authentication process to access the data. Be careful about whom you lend your device. 

Cloud storages are designed to give the users maximum security. At the same time, it is important for the users to take precautions to keep their cloud storage account secure too.

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