Published On: Fri, Jun 24th, 2022

Gaming Industry Is Creating Job Opportunities Across The Globe

During the pandemic, when many industries struggled to survive, the gaming industry was booming. In fact, not only did the gaming industry stay during the global pandemic, but it also thrived. The simple reason behind it was the fact that many people started to play games due to a lockdown that restricted them from moving out of the house. This trend is still prevailing where the gaming industry is still growing. The scenario in the gaming industry is now such that it not only requires coders but many other people too. Yes, the gaming industry is now creating plenty of job opportunities globally, both with and without coding skills. In 2020 alone, the gaming industry created 20,000 jobs, increasing with each passing year. 

Unemployment Rate With Gaming Development And Design Skills Are Almost Zero

The gaming industry is booming and the employment opportunities in it are huge. In fact, the individuals who possess gaming development and designing skills have an almost negligible unemployment rate.

A gamer with gaming development skills has opportunities both to work for mainstream game developing companies or for other companies that work on developing tools such as TapTap and Auto Clicker to assist the main games. In the gaming industry, designing, engineering and animation skills are currently in demand. 

If you are keen on PC gaming and online gaming, free auto clicker will be your best assistant to help you enjoy the game without some inevitable, repetitive and boring clicks.

The position in the gaming industry that does not need coding skills includes marketing and promoting a game. In this highly competitive gaming industry, it is extremely important to promote a game in the right way. Also, many gaming companies need to assist their customers too. Therefore, there are also positions available in the gaming industry with good communication skills. 

Also, the gaming industry is trying to promote diversity in it. The gaming industry is often criticized for being male and technology dominated. To rectify this situation, many top gaming companies are actively working toward diverging their team regarding gender representation and qualification diversification. Many gaming companies who have opted for this diversification have witnessed a growth in their business. It is because, with diversification, the opportunity to draw ideas from different experiences, cultures and lifestyles increases too. 

Gaming Industry Is Creating A Plethora Of Job Opportunities 

There are many job opportunities in the gaming industry. When developing a game, animators, storytellers, audio engineers and game artists play a key role. Each of these positions requires different skills. For instance, a storyteller requires imagination and on the other hand, a game designer needs to have coding skills. 

Once the game is developed, the role of a game tester seeps in. A game tester simply needs to have a passion for playing a game. With this passion alone, the person becomes qualified enough to provide the necessary feedback to improve the quality of the game further. 

After making the necessary changes recommended by the game tester, comes the marketing team’s role. Once the game is ready to enter the team, a proper marketing strategy is required to ensure that the game becomes an instant hit when it enters the market. Someone with an MBA degree can do this job well. Also, while promoting a game, there might come a need to handle the different social media platforms or design different posters to draw the attention of the gamers in the newly launched game. In such a scenario, social media managers and graphic designers play a key role. 

Once the game is rolled out in the market, it gives rise to many job opportunities. Professional gamers can play these games and further stream them on platforms like YouTube to make money. Popular professional gamers also have the opportunity to engage in a brand endorsement. In addition to that, streamers provide a whole new niche job for gamers. 

In short, there are plenty of job opportunities during the pre-planning stage of the game, when the game is being developed, after the game is developed and after the final launch. The gaming industry will see further growth. Now is the time for people interested in gaming to develop the necessary skills to get a job. By 2024, the gaming industry will be worth $218.7 billion. With technological advancement, the gaming industry is here to stay and it will be interesting to see what more new jobs it will create in the future. 

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