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From Star Quarterback to AI Leader: Tech Entrepreneur Michael Koch

Michael Koch is a modern-day pioneer in the industries of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Software as a Service (SaaS). The CEO of HubKonnect and Chairman of QSR’s AI Research Lab draws on nearly two decades of experience developing tech products for many top global brands such as Pepsi, Google, McDonald’s, P&G, and Fed-Ex. This work is paramount, especially considering the value of AI to businesses.

Throughout his career in tech, Koch has continued to affirm his position as a leader within the companies he is working with, optimizing them with artificial intelligence, like Conversational AI, and real-time business data to become smarter and more efficient versions of themselves. His efforts continue to attract attention, most notably in his recent achievement of the 2022 Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Machine Learning by the Business Intelligence Group.

Koch appears to have always possessed the optimal qualities to lead and displayed this outside the world of business during his youth. During his time playing as the captain of the Wake Forest University Football team, Koch demonstrated his innate ability to spark passion in his team and lead them towards success. He has continued to draw upon this concept throughout his career, having successfully managed international teams working in nearly 80 countries. All Great leaders know how to bring people together to reach one common goal. 

Athletic Youth

From an early age, Michael Koch displayed the natural abilities necessary to succeed in athletics, but was also always willing to do the hard work and put in the hours it took to be great.  Growing up in Medford, New Jersey, he excelled as a star player in both football and baseball. Following this, he continued to play football while he attended Shawnee High School, eventually reaching the point where he became a Gatorade High School All – American, and highly recruited as a Quarterback at a national level by all of the top Power 5 university teams.

As a direct result of this, Koch went on to choose Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem to go play for Jim Caldwell – choosing it from the plethora of full athletic scholarships he received from prestigious universities across the country. But, as every entrepreneur knows, you go down one path, sometimes that direction changes. 

During this time, Koch played Quarterback for two seasons and made the decision to move to the defensive side of the ball to ultimately become a Three Year Letterman and starting Free Saftey, before being appointed as the Team Captain. He also played on the Wake Forest team that won the Aloha Bowl Championship in 1999.

AI Leader

After college, Koch used his innate ability that had led him to success in sport to succeed in business, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technology startup founders and CEOs. Throughout the best half of two decades, Koch continued to grow his experience in the industries of AI and machine learning, among others.

Working internationally in over 12 countries, Koch has continued to push these industries forward through his founding and leadership of four visionary technology companies. These companies worked in collaboration with the highest level of clientele the world has to offer, including Nike, McDonald’s, AT&T, Mars, FedEx, and Microsoft.

Image Credit: Michael Koch

Koch is currently leading the AI-powered local store marketing platform HubKonnect as its CEO and co-founder. As a result of his 15 years of experience delivering world-class technology to his clients, he has led HubKonnect to become one of the fastest-growing companies in AI tech, with an ever-growing list of accreditations.

In 2018, the company won QSR Magazine’s Applied Technology Award and in this year alone, Koch was also awarded the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Machine Learning by the Business Intelligence Group.

In addition to this, Koch is also responsible for QSR’s AI Research Lab, where he is currently acting as its Chairman. This lab is primarily concerned with the testing and investigation of the ways in which artificial intelligence can be immediately applied so that clients can make use of advanced machine learning and neural networks.

Finally, Koch is spearheading another artificial intelligence endeavour as the Chairman of Koch Global Ventures. This venture capital company pivots around steering a number of tech trends for emerging startups with a high potential to grow. Some of the areas they monitor include Software as a Service (SaaS), big data, cognitive computing, and business intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Michael Koch attacks business like he is stepping back on the sports field, but instead of playing in front of 90,000 people on Saturdays, his new stadium is the boardroom of the top companies in the world.  

His work ethic, passion, competitive spirit, and ability to inspire is why Michael is leading the future of Artificial Intelligence. HubKonnect is the leading AI platform for data-driven local store marketing and it is certain that Michael will attack the future like he did on the gridiron, always competing to win for his clients, his employees, and the future of Artificial Intelligence.

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