Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2022

Fuller Center Expands its Services to Include Job Training, Healthcare, and Literacy Education

The Fuller Center – founded over 50 years ago – has been primarily known as a childcare center, but it is so much more. In addition to quality early childhood education and after-school/out-of-school programming, they now offer mentoring and on-the-job training for parents and adults. Their Family Support Teams provide an array of wrap-around services including case management; crisis intervention; developmental, cognitive, health, and behavioral assessments and early interventions; empowering family-centered workshops; ESOL classes; access to affordable housing and transportation; and other resources to keep families safe, stable, and healthy.

The Fuller Center employs a multi-disciplinary model that uniquely positions them to achieve better outcomes for their children and families and strengthen the community they serve.

“Keeping essential workers’ children healthy and educated ultimately prevents so many of society’s ills, such as poverty, child abuse, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, domestic violence, crime, and chronic disease, which all cost us much more in the long run,” said Ellyn Okrent, CEO of Fuller Center.

Fuller Center also offers a teen leadership and mentoring program, and recently opened a new private Choice elementary school on its West campus.

Additional services provided by the Fuller Center include a partnership with local colleges and universities in which students of medicine and nursing train at the Center by working with local children.

“We have truly evolved into an impact center and a cornerstone of the community,” said Okrent. “Our mission is to support hardworking families, and quality childcare is just one aspect. Strong, healthy, and stable families result in strong, healthy, and safe communities.”

The Fuller Center’s programs help children realize their full potential, empowering them to start school prepared, succeed academically, and to break the generational cycle of poverty.

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