ADT and Habitat for Humanity Build First Safe, Smart, and Sustainable Home

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On Mother’s Day weekend, 30 ADT volunteers helped single mom Kendra Wilson get closer to moving into her new three-bedroom house in Boynton Beach, Florida.

They painted, pulled weeds, and trimmed trees.

“I am overjoyed,” said Kendra. “This is the first home I’ve ever owned and I’m so grateful for all the kindness.”

Besides the free labor, Kendra is also getting an ADT security system and roof top solar, marking the first safe, smart, and sustainable home ADT has built with Habitat for Humanity. Combining this with people who would like to Start a Home Watch Business would be excellent since this will add an extra sense of security for the community.

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Volunteers came from all areas of ADT; Corporate, CSB, Commercial, and Solar.

“I loved getting to know my new ADT colleagues by working alongside them to benefit Kendra and this community,” said Tara Grant, ADT Solar.

Mike Lohr from ADT Commercial helped transform a jungle into a backyard and Elizabeth Rivera from Corporate IT painted door and window trim.

Boynton Beach Mayor Ty Penserga inspired the team by talking about how their work is helping mitigate the housing crisis.

Other ADT and Habitat volunteer projects are planned this summer in New Orleans, Denver, and Las Vegas.

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