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Why GoldCo Reviews are Extremely Positive in 2022

GoldCo is an established precious metals firm that assists consumerism in allocating a portion of their retirement savings into a precious metals backed IRA.  Before making such a bold financial decision, it’s important to see how the company compares to other gold IRA companies. After extensive research into many other precious metals companies, Cayman Financial Review has identified this company as the best to work with in 2022.

As a leading financial services newsletter, Cayman Financial advised Americans who are fearing inflation that they seek out alternative options for retirement investing because the dollar is getting weaker and our purchasing power is only diminishing. If you read this review to the end, you’ll see why the GoldCo reviews online support their research.

At a Glance:

·   Specials – 10 percent back for new clients (silver coins only)

·   Minimum Investment – $25,000

·   Annual Fees – $80 and storage fees

·   Bonus – New clients have the first-year fees waived

Why Is a GoldCo Precious Metals IRA the Best?

The company offers various services for investors. While you can buy or sell precious metals, you may consider other things.

For example, this company includes a market system. The testimonials suggest that it’s available to investors when they work with the organization and is high quality. However, given the nature of the business, you should consider a few points.

Investing in physical precious metals is an overwhelming process, so you must have the right information to make a decision.

GoldCo was founded in Woodland Hills in 2006 and provides self-directed IRA investment options instead of traditional investments. Such IRAs are funded with silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, or a combination of these.


·   10 percent back for new customers in silver coins

·   Makes sure you choose the right options

·   Very knowledgeable staff and beginner-friendly

·   No pushy advisors

·   First-year fees waived


·   Minimum investment required of $25,000

Partnering with Ron Paul

The company partnered with Ron Paul in 2017 to educate investors on how to protect their 401K and IRA accounts. It also takes advantage of the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act, allowing bullion investments.

GoldCo is notable for many things. You can do more than buy or sell precious metals IRAs because it includes extra services that many investors prefer. For example, the firm manages the account and works with custodian companies to roll over services to their new customers. Clients may easily transfer funds to precious metals IRAs from traditional IRA options.

Investing with GoldCo

Many people choose to invest in precious metals IRAs now because of many things. One is that they’re not quite as volatile as bonds and stocks. Plus, they are tangible items you invest in, making them an attractive option for many.

GoldCo provides many brokerage services within the niche, and the company operates within the IRS guidelines. With that, the firm buys back precious metals and lets clients sell them when they start using distribution methods.

Though the company itself doesn’t provide storage and custodian company solutions, it works with firms that do. Therefore, it should help most people find the right options for their needs. GoldCo is actually one of the fastest-growing businesses in the niche.

GoldCo Precious Metals IRA Options

·   Silver coins/bars

·   Gold coins/bars

·   Palladium

·   Platinum

GoldCo Reviews and Complaints

When the company was initially established, the GoldCo reviews were positive, which is why many people consider it along with other gold investment companies. Most of this is because of the high-quality service it provides, but the products are also excellent.

Therefore, potential customers can interact with the company easily.

Still, there have been some negative reviews during its time. While that can seem like a bad thing, many of the issues were client misunderstandings. Therefore, you should take those bad reviews with a grain of salt. In fact, all major companies have problems. It’s best to look at the positive customer reviews first.

GoldCo Services

You can take advantage of many services at GoldCo, and they’re split across various categories, such as:

·   Gold IRA

·   Silver IRA account

·   Simple IRA planning

·   SEP IRA planning

·   Traditional or Roth IRA planning

·   401K rollover

Customers can choose what meets their needs best. However, this company doesn’t provide storage and custodian services. That might be seen as a drawback for some. Still, it recommends trustworthy options for an IRS-approved storage facility.

GoldCo Costs

GoldCo doesn’t list costs because many variables come into play. You can visit the GoldCo website to find the exact rates.

However, the representatives are informative without being pushy, and that’s refreshing in the industry and a great sign that this is a solid company.

The recommended minimum amount is $25,000, and you get reimbursed for the storage fees for one year. After that, you’re charged $175 annually.

That doesn’t increase until you invest $100,000, which makes the storage fees rise to $225. Compared to other prices, this is fair and considered a deal.

Precious Metals IRA Fees

·   Minimum purchase required for a gold or silver IRA account – $25,000

·   Segregated storage services – $150 annually

·   Non-segregated storage services – $100 annually

·   Annual fee – $80 (service fee)

Starting Your Precious Metals IRAs with GoldCo

It’s easy to set up your precious metals IRA, but it can be time-consuming. You can choose to do it online or over the telephone. However, you must provide identifying information, such as your Social Security Number.

Throughout the process, GoldCo offers you a guide about the IRAs available to you to help you decide. The IRA specialist also walks you through the process and takes your own personal circumstances into account.

Questions to Ask Yourself

You’re probably questioning the investment process for precious metals, especially if you just learned that this was an appropriate strategy. Whether you choose GoldCo or another company, you should ask the representative pertinent questions like:

·   What are all the potential fees involved?

·   Where are the metals stored?

·   What’s the minimum for investment?

·   What’s the process to start?

This information should be available on the website or with a quick phone call. That way, you don’t spend hours trying to find out everything.

From there, you can develop a better idea of what each company offers and if it’s the right one for you. This is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Can Your Precious Metals Be Coins or Bars?

Many people want to take advantage of coins and bars in their precious metal IRAs. There are many options for this, but it’s quite limiting because you can only use IRS-approved coins. Along with that, there are restrictions on bullion and bars. It’s not as limited as the coins, but you must be aware of those guidelines before investing.

Can You Choose the Storage Company?

GoldCo works with many custodian and storage companies, so you’re not restricted there. Instead, you can use any custodian company you wish. Despite that, the firm provides recommendations, such as Equity Institutional and self-directed IRA custodian firms.

It also recommends Sterling Trust options for storage. While they should all be high-quality, you must research them yourself before deciding.

Can You Keep the Precious Metals at Home?

Most people might prefer to keep their precious metals at home, but that’s not possible when they’re part of precious metals IRAs. The IRS regulations forbid it. Instead, you must use an IRS-approved non-bank trustee. You may also choose a bank operating within the IRS guidelines, which restricts access to those precious metals. That way, you know the precious metals you buy are the ones you use in the future.

As with a traditional IRA, access to the funds is restricted in various ways so that you meet all deposit and disbursement laws.

Is the Value of the Precious Metals Guaranteed?

No, the value of your precious metals isn’t guaranteed because they can fluctuate significantly. This is out of the company’s control. However, your precious metals often stay stable over time, and fluctuations are minor. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry too much about a precious metals IRA.

When Are You Eligible for a GoldCo Precious Metals IRA?

You can take advantage of the GoldCo gold IRA when you turn 59.5 years old. The IRS dictates this and could change the rules at some point. Therefore, you should refer to the IRS guidelines to determine when to take penalty-free distributions from the precious metals IRA account.

What’s the Length of Time for the Rollover Process?

Typically, it’s a quick process to switch from a traditional IRA to a gold IRA. It generally takes two weeks, but this time frame can vary. Much of that is based on your specific circumstances, so you should speak to a GoldCo representative about your gold IRA rollover.


Is GoldCo Considered a Reputable Company?

Yes, GoldCo is considered a reputable company and one of the best in the industry. It’s rated with an A+ score by the Better Business Bureau, and the Business Consumer Alliance gives it a Triple-A rating. If you want to invest in a precious metals IRA, GoldCo is likely the best option.

Plus, you’re allowed to convert your existing IRA (traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs, retirement savings, and retirement accounts) into gold IRAs. It’s called a rollover process.

However, you can’t roll over a Roth IRA and add physical precious metals.

How Does the Company Make Its Money?

This company makes money by selling gold and silver for precious metals IRAs and selling the physical gold/silver.

GoldCo offers various brokerage services for your precious metals-funded IRAs and takes into account IRS regulations.

What’s IRA-approved Gold?

IRA-approved gold is for non-traditional retirement accounts where you invest in gold or silver instead of stocks and bonds. Therefore, a gold and silver IRA must be held in a secure vault or secure storage facility approved by the IRS.

Does GoldCo Provide IRA Custodian Services?

GoldCo doesn’t provide custodian service options. However, it has a great relationship with third-party IRA custodian providers. Plus, you get the first-year custodian fees waived when you sign up through GoldCo. It’s even possible to quickly and easily roll over your retirement account and 401K. For more information, you can refer to posts like this 401k to gold ira rollover guide.

What Precious Metal Services Does the GoldCo IRA Offer?

With GoldCo, you have access to many IRA precious metals, such as platinum and palladium or gold and silver. You may also choose a gold IRA or silver IRA only. Each investor has different preferences for their retirement savings. When it comes to precious metals, gold and silver IRAs are the most popular choices.

Whenever there’s an economic panic, gold and silver prices tend to jump up. Therefore, you should create a gold IRA with gold and silver coins. That way, you can sell them easily if something happens.

What Star Rating Does GoldCo Have?

A GoldCo IRA often has a rating of five stars, but some websites show a 4.5-star rating. Most companies can’t provide a five-star rating.

Generally, the complaints from GoldCo make it have a lower rating. Still, it’s got an A+ BBB rating and no complaints about the customer service. If you want to add precious metals to your portfolio, this company has a solid reputation.

How Good Is the Customer Service at GoldCo?

GoldCo offers top-notch customer service, and the customer reviews showcase that.

If you take a look at some of the reviews, you know that it’s the real deal, whether you want gold and silver IRAs or wish to be part of other precious metals programs.

With GoldCo Precious Metals, you can set up an account with an existing IRA or create a separate one. Plus, you’re allowed to have other precious metal IRAs, such as palladium or platinum.

These all behave similarly to a GoldCo gold IRA, and the buy-back is the same. However, you should understand what precious metal IRAs are and how to use them. Even if you had one in the past, it might not guarantee your future success. Still, the buy-back is generous.

Customer support is there when you need help with your GoldCo gold IRA or physical metals. Plus, you can buy silver and gold bullion and coins, with many other precious metals available.

What IRAs Are Available?

Most precious metals IRA companies only deal with silver and gold, but this one is different. Yes, you can get a gold or silver IRA, but there’s crypto, palladium, and platinum, too. Plus, the rollover process is simple, and the company handles all the paperwork with one phone call.

If you’re new to precious metal investments, it’s easy to set up a GoldCo account, and it makes a lot of sense to be part of the GoldCo family.

What Options Are Available for Retirement Investments?

You can choose between these retirement investment options:

·   Digital currencies

·   Precious metals

·   Bonds

·   Stocks

·   Real estate

Those who want to diversify their portfolios with less risk can request a rollover into precious metals. However, it’s best to read the educational resources available first. Though investors rarely lose money, past performance doesn’t guarantee your future performance results.

How Much of the IRA Should Be Converted to Precious Metals IRAs?

There’s no specific answer available because it relates directly to your personal situation. You should speak with legal advisers or financial planners first.

You may own physical metals while holding precious metals in your IRA. There are collectible coins, bullion, and many other options. Most companies provide you with a free silver coin (the bonus). You may purchase gold or add it to your portfolio and earn more money as the value increases. The coin value is slightly higher than the melt value or spot price.

What’s GoldCo Direct?

GoldCo has been called many names in the past, and GoldCo Direct was one of the first options. Now, it’s called GoldCo Precious Metals. The companies are both the same.

How Do You Contact the Company?

You may reach out to GoldCo by phone. Its physical address is:

21215 Burbank Blvd., Woodland Hills, California

Who’s Trevor Gerszt?

Trevor Gerszt is the CEO and founder of GoldCo. In fact, he created the company so that Americans have more investment options when handling retirement planning. Whether they are worried about an economic downturn, stock market crashes, or stock market volatility, these people now have other choices.

The IRA specialists here are the best in the business, and they only work within IRS regulations.

In fact, the GoldCo team focuses on providing excellent customer service while including extensive educational resources for the clients. Its fees are very low for money transfers and brokerage services.


You should be thinking about your retirement portfolio long before you plan to stop working. Most people begin in their 30s, but some entrepreneurs are getting started in their 20s.

If you’re new to gold IRAs or want to consider other precious metals, it’s important to know someone in the precious metals market. GoldCo is a noteworthy brand in this confusing and competitive space. In fact, GoldCo has more than a decade of experience relating to gold IRAs.

The advisors are gold IRA experts and can help you with whatever questions you have. Plus, it simplifies the paperwork and logistics, which is very refreshing. Other companies could leave you untrusting and confused.

Bulk up your retirement account with low account fees and various precious metals options. While purchasing IRS-approved coins is required, you can roll over your existing retirement account easily. Don’t hesitate! Make some phone calls now to be part of the metals market. Just remember that all investments carry risk, though you can’t go wrong with this gold company.

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