Delray Beach Teen Wins 2nd Pro Pickleball Triple Crown At South Carolina Open

JW Johnson Sets His Sights On Naples US Open Championship April 23-30

Boca Raton, FL — Last week, at the 2022 Association Of Pickleball Professionals (APP) South Carolina Open, JW Johnson, 19, won his second Triple Crown.  A Triple Crown is achieved when three gold medals are won at the same event in three brackets: Singles, Mixed Doubles and Doubles. 

JW’s Gold Medal Matches To 2nd Triple Crown 

  • Singles: 8:22:42 JW Johnson vs Federico Staksrud 11-5,11-8
  • Mixed Doubles: 7:20:53 Simone Jardim/JW Johnson vs Michelle Esquivel/Rob Cassidy 11-2,11-8
  • Men’s Doubles: 5:57:20 Zane Navratil/JW Johnson vs Eden Lica/Andrei Daescu 13-11,11-7

Next week, the teenage pickleball pro superstar will be competing in the 2022 Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships in Naples, Florida. The 7-day international event will showcase the top ranked pickleball players and nearly 3,000 athletes of all ages.  

JW Johnson Triple Crown Highlights/Interviews Reel (12+ mins)

JW’s Gold Medal Matches To Triple Crown 

  • Singles: 11:34 JW Johnson Pickleball vs Federico Stasrud: 4-11,11-3,12-10
  • Mixed Doubles: 2:24:10 Simone Jardim/JW Johnson vs Susannah Barr/Austin Gridley: 11-4,11-2
  • Doubles: 3:17:07 JW Johnson/Dylan Frazier Pickleball vs Adam Stone/Dekel Bar: 11-3,9-11,6-11,15-10

This year JW has won a “Singles” Family Triple Crown with his sister, Jorja, 15, and mother. The Family Trio’s first Singles Triple Crown was at the January APP Boca Raton Masters and their second Triple Crown was at the APP Plantation Open earlier this month. 

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