The Immigrant Archive Project to Be Inducted Into the US Library of Congress

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The Website Will Be Added to The Prestigious Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) Web Archive

Boca Raton, FL – The United States Library of Congress requests permission to include the Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) website, in the Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) Web Archive.

This is a significant honor for Tony Hernandez, IAP founder, who has throughout the last 10 years, been dedicated to capturing Immigrant stories as part of his efforts to ensure we understand the immigrant experience and its vital contributions to American society.

Hernandez says, “The Immigrant Archive Project was born out of a simple idea; to document the modern American immigrant experience through the stories and voices of its people. Over the years we have documented thousands of immigrant stories and we intend to document thousands more.The fact that our project has been designated for preservation in the U.S. Library of Congress is both an honor and complete validation of the cultural and historical significance of the immigrant experience at this particular moment in our nation’s history.” 

The Library of Congress Web Archiving Team identified the IAP as a significant resource through their work with the Handbook, a selective, annotated guide to publications on Latin American Studies. HLAS which is part of a larger collection of historically and culturally significant websites that have been designated for preservation

In its notification to IAP, the Library said it hopes to “share its vision of preserving digital content and making it available to current and future generations of researchers. As the internet has become an increasingly important and influential part of our lives, we believe the historical record would be incomplete if websites like [these] are not preserved and made a part of it.” 

About The Immigrant Archive Project

The Immigrant Archive Project’s mission is to record, archive and share the stories of immigrants in the United States in order to help us understand the immigrant experience and its vital contributions to American society.

The growing archive will ensure that the faces and voices of immigrants are seen and heard, not only collectively, but individually, and in doing so, will teach us to understand the immigrant experience in fundamentally human and moral terms. The Immigrant Archive Project is an independently funded 501 (c)(3) organization.

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