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The 12 Most Desired US Cities to Have a Wedding

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According to Google, here is where everyone wants to get married 

Boca Raton, FL – With Spring just around the corner, we are getting closer and closer to wedding season! Just in time, Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has decided to find out which cities in the US most people are looking for to tie the knot. This list is based off the number of Google searches for wedding venues in each city and will transport you into a wedding wonderland!

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Whether hosting in your hometown or having a ‘destination’ wedding across state lines, start creating your dream venue list now with Holidu’s list of the 12 most desired US cities to have a wedding and take a sneak peek at our picks for dreamy locations in each of the top state. If you will be getting married in any of these cities, you may find more options on wedding ballrooms and venues with a banquet room, whichever you choose will completely amaze you at how stunning the locations are. They all have plenty of room, packed with a kitchen, event stage and even a special area decorated so you can place any custom wedding cakes you may have on your special day ready for pictures. If you are looking for wedding photographers Lynchburg, consider getting in touch with Brittney Titus Photography.

These wedding ready cities were evaluated using Google searches, and the data highlights:

● Chicago in Illinois took first prize as the most searched city for wedding venues 

● Florida, Texas and California dominate the list, each with 2 of the top 12 spots!

● New Jersey came in at number one as the most searched state for wedding venues 

1. Chicago, Illinois | Google searches: 102,900 

Hold on to your hats, blowing in at number one is the windy city of Chicago, with over 100,000 searches in the past year for wedding venues. Chicago is known for its many waterways and movable bridges, making it a dreamy and romantic backdrop for any wedding. Whether lush gardens, incredibly crafted mansions, or a whimsical venue in the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago is sure to surprise you with what it has to offer with its wedding venues! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Stan Mansion (4.9 / $$ – Affordable)* 

Cafe Brauer (4.7 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

The Crystal Gardens At Navy Pier (4.7 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

2. Long Island, New York | Google searches: 94,200 

Beating out is neighbor New York City, and coming in second on our list with almost 95,000 searches comes the picture-perfect Long Island. With stunning beaches, majestic gardens, lush golf resorts, there are so many options to choose from for your special day! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Bourne Mansion (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Majestic Gardens (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Stonebridge Country Club (4.9 / $$ – Affordable)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

3. Dallas, Texas | Google searches: 87,000 

As our first Texas city to grace the list is Dallas with 87,000 searches in the past year. Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the wedding venues… From restored historic churches to European-style lux boutique hotels, you are sure to find dreamy Dallas wedding venues. Check out some of our favorite dreamy locations below! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Hotel St Germain (5.0 / $$$$ – Expensive)* 

The Mason Dallas (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

The Cliff House (5.0 / $$ – Affordable)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

4. San Diego, California | Google searches: 84,300 

San Diego is known for its stunning beaches and year round sunshine making it the perfect wedding location. Dazzling its way into one of the top 5 spots, San Diego is one of the two California cities to make in on our top 12 list! Coming in with almost 85,000 searches in the past year, San Diego outshines its competitors with its beautiful weather and unique locations. Check out this Laguna Beach wedding venue if it fits your dream wedding venue. If you are looking to get married at a historical mountain castle, or surrounded by exotic animals, look no further than San Diego! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

San Diego Zoo & Safari Park (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Maderas Golf Club (4.9 / $$ – Affordable)* 

Mt Woodson/Amy Strong Castle (4.9 / $$ – Affordable)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

5. Las Vegas, Nevada | Google searches: 84,000 

Next up is known for being the ‘Marriage Capital of the World’ is the city of Las Vegas! Known for its ease of getting married quickly, and low costs, it is easy to see why so many people look to Las Vegas to get hitched. Now while you may picture the small wedding chapels after a wild night out that you see in the movies, that isn’t the full picture. Las Vegas is also known for having venues with stunning mountain views, sprawling golf resorts and poolside locations. Check out some of our favorites below! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings (4.8 / $$ – Affordable)* 

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (4.8 / $$ – Affordable)* 

Red Rock Casino & Resort Spa (4.8 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

6. Atlanta, Georgia | Google searches: 68,600 

Atlanta braves our list with just nearly 70,000 Google searches in the past year. Weddings in Atlanta have so much range, from sprawling estates to rooftop skyscraper venues, you are sure to find a location you love to tie the knot in this city. Plus, you can’t go wrong with adding a little southern charm to your big day! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

The Estate by Legendary Events (4.3 / $$$$ – Expensive)* 

The Peachtree Club (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Park Tavern: The Piedmont Room & Piedmont Garden Tent (4.7 / $$ – Affordable)* *Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

7. New Orleans, Louisiana | Google searches: 65,400 

New Orleans boogies its way onto our list with just over 65,000 Google searches in the past year. With reclaimed churches, luxury boutique mansions in the French Quarter, and historic royal courtyards, these jazz filled streets will play their way into your heart and into your special day! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Degas House Museum (4.8 / $$ – Affordable)* 

Felicity Church (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Livaudais Hall (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

8. San Antonio, Texas | Google searches: 63,700 

Next on the list is the Texan state of San Antonio. This city may be home to barbeque, but it is also filled with timeless glamor. With stunning venues, waterfront along the famous River Walk, you are sure to fall in love with all that San Antonio has to offer. Just be careful a cowboy doesn’t steal your heart before the big day! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

The St. Anthony Hotel (4.6 / $$$$ – Expensive)* 

The Jack Guenther Pavilion (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Granberry Hills Event Facility (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

9. Orlando, Florida | Google searches: 59,200 

The next on our list is where fairytales are made, in the magical city of Orlando. This iconic central Florida city is best known for being home to Disney World and Universal Studios. With so many people’s dream to have a ‘Disney fairytale’ wedding, it is no surprise this city makes it on our top searched list. But did you know that this dream could actually be a reality? Both Disney and Universal offer weddings on site and if a theme park wedding is not your thing, fear not! There are also many other stunning venues in this paradise packed city! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Florida (4.5 / $$$$ – Expensive)* 

The Cypress Grove Estate House (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Paradise Cove (4.9 / $$ – Affordable)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Google searches: 57,200 

Sneaking in the top 10 is the historic city of Philadelphia. With venues overlooking historic squares, in grand ballrooms, and Victorian stone mansions, you are sure to fall in love with the charm of this city and find the wedding of your dreams in Philly. 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

The Rittenhouse Hotel (5.0 / $$$$ – Expensive)* 

Cescaphe Weddings (4.8 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Portico – Awbury Arboretum (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

11. Miami, Florida | Google searches: 56,000 

Next on our list is the vibrant and sunshine packed city of Miami, and it’s easy to understand why. This southern waterfront gem not only has stunning white sand beaches but sprawling estates with luxurious gardens. Miami is a breathtaking and well-loved paradise for anyone looking to take the plunge. 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

THesis Hotel Miami (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

The Bella Mansion and Gardens (5.0 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Grand Salon Reception Halls & Ballrooms (4.6 / $$ – Affordable)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 

12. Los Angeles, California | Google searches: 56,000 

Finishing the ranking, is the glamorous and star-studded city of Los Angeles. This iconic city claims the twelfth and final place on our list, whether you want historic Hollywood luxury, an Italian boutique villa, or a beach wedding at Laguna Beach hotel, this city is ready to outshine the rest and truly give you a unique wedding experience! 

Dreamy wedding venues you need to see: 

The Hollywood Roosevelt (4.9 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Los Angeles Athletic Club (4.8 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

Carondelet House (4.7 / $$$ – Moderate)* 

*Average rating on the Knot / Price range 


The ranking was created by Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, based on the sum of the last 12 months of Google Search Volume for “wedding venues + city name” (as of Feb 23, 2022). From our initial list of 123,000+ US destinations in the Holidu database, we created a top 40 ranking of the most searched cities and top 10 states for the United States based off this Google Search Volume for wedding venues. 

About Holidu 

Holidu’s mission is to finally make the search and booking of holiday rentals easy. Its search engine for holiday rentals allows travellers to book the ideal accommodation for the lowest price. The company also helps holiday rental owners multiply their bookings with less work through its software and service solution under the Bookiply brand. The brothers Johannes and Michael Siebers founded Holidu in 2014. The high-growth startup is headquartered in Munich and has local offices in the most attractive travel destinations in Europe. For more information, see and 

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