Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2022

Russian massacre in Ukraine – Useful, but not enough.

It is no longer a secret that the invasion of Ukraine, had the interest and was financed by the White House.

The media that supports the current government needed a theme to get out (flee) from the internal reality of the country.

Today we have more than 90% of the mainstream media covering the invasion of Ukraine by the 140,000,000 Russians and no minute dedicated to the invasion of more than 2 million foreigners in the American territory.

We have hours demonstrating inflation in Europe and no decent coverage compared to the 7.5% inflation in the US (before the war) and that should pass 8% this month).

Great uproar over the “potential” increase in fuel, the “PROMISE” to cut imports of Russian oil and no word about this government cutting domestic energy production that, as a result, had already raised the price of gasoline by 59% since the current president took over the Oval Office, even before the war and his “promises”.

Great emphasis on Ukraine’s military aid of over $800,000, without analyzing that what is being promised represents only a tiny part of what was left as a gift to the Taliban.

Also, the U.S. president vetoed other countries from cingling military aircraft for use by the Ukrainian government and assured the Russians that he will not create a no-fly zone, thus ensuring peace of mind for the invaders to continue bombing and killing civilians with their aviation.

Military aid is more in defense equipment, such as rifles, revolvers, bulletproof vests and some rockets and drones, the latter being promised after a month of the tragicinvasion, in which Ukrainians are defending themselves with whatever they have, often with hunting guns and other equipment that show idealism but ensure the enormous superiority of the Russian war side.

Only Ukrainian idealism, courage and nationalism has meant that the country is resisting Russian invasion.

As the President of Ukraine has repeatedly said, sanctions and weapons should and must be made and delivered before the invasion to prevent it.

And to whom is this war benefiting, besides the occupants of the White House?  

Surely the American war industry, which it had fallen into its funds for useless weapons for the defense of the country and only part was being destined for what really is important in this aerospace and cyber war.

Of course, it’s not about cutting defense spending, but about assigning them where they’re needed. The U.S. doesn’t need to invest $2 billion in tanks to leave them rotting in the desert, it needs to invest $800 billion dollars to defend its power generation and distribution system

Finally, this industry, from an emic point of view, is the great benefit of this war.

As we said in the previous article, the scope of the White House, it seems, remains to keep the local war in the form of guerrilla warfare, but do not match the Ukrainians, who want their country intact and without invaders.

Unfortunately, for the White House, all this loss of life in Ukraine, even if necessary for its goals, has not been enough to divert the population’s attention to its real fuel problems, inflation, lack of supplies even in supermarkets, lack of employees, death of police officers and crescent insecurity.

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