Published On: Sun, Mar 6th, 2022

Impact Fee Affordable Housing Assistance Program 

Palm Beach County Mayor Robert S Weinroth has announced the County’s Department of Housing & Economic Development has $2,114,290 in available Impact Fee Affordable Housing Assistance Program funding from its Fiscal Year 2021 funding cycle.  

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners authorized the utilization of County impact fee investment earnings to support the construction of affordable owner-occupied, for-sale, and rental housing in Palm Beach County. 

Program policies are found within the Impact Fee Affordable Housing Assistance Program Guidelines at

HED will begin accepting applications for funding on March 29, 2022 at 9AM at its offices located at 100 Australian Ave Ste 500 West Palm Beach FL 33406.

Applicants will be funded on a first-come/first-eligible/first-served basis.

AVAILABLE FUNDING: This NOFA makes available up to $2,114,290 for the payment of the following Palm Beach County impact fees.
Road Impact Fees: Zone 1: $316,972; Zone 2: $476,423; Zone 3: $258,518; Zone 4: $273,885; Zone 5: $519,371.
Park Impact Fees:  Zone 1: $23,014; Zone 2: $57,408; Zone 3: $78,176.
Public Building Impact Fees: $110,523.

ELIGIBLE COSTS: Palm Beach County Roads, Parks, and Public Building impact fees associated with the construction of affordable housing are the only costs eligible for IFAHAP funds.  The requested amount may not exceed the actual Road, Park, or Public Building impact fee amount for the affordable housing project.

Applicants who have already received building permits for their projects at the time of application are not eligible for assistance under IFAHAP.  The Certificate shall not be used to obtain a reimbursement of impact fees already paid, but shall only be used to offset impact fees due but not yet paid.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: For-profit and non-profit developer entities which seek to build affordable rental or for-sale housing units, and persons who seek to build owner-constructed housing units for owner occupancy as their principal place of residence.

PROJECT LOCATION LIMITATIONS: Projects must be located within Road Impact Fee Zones 1 through 5; Park Impact Fee Zones 1 through 3; or Public Building Impact Fee Zone.  Maps of these zones are included in the application packet.

OCCUPANCY AND AFFORDABILITY REQUIREMENTS: All affordable housing units which receive assistance under the IFAHAP must be occupied by households whose incomes do not exceed one-hundred forty percent (140%) of the Area Median Income.  Occupancy periods and housing unit affordability requirements are detailed in the IFAHAP Guidelines.

PROPERTY RESTRICTIONS: IFAHAP assistance and the associated affordability requirements will be secured by a Declaration of Restrictions recorded on title to the assisted property.
IMPORTANT DEADLINES: The following deadlines will be strictly adhered to:

  • Funding awards under this NOFA must be approved by the BCC no later than March 8, 2023.
  • Funding is provided in the form of a Certificate of Award shall expire within two (2) years after the date of funding approval by the BCC.
  • Applicants must obtain a certificate(s) of occupancy from the building department with jurisdiction over their projects for all assisted units and must have such units occupied by eligible individual or households as specified herein within four (4) years after the date of funding approval by the BCC.


CLICK HERE for the funding application.

Este aviso y los documentos a los que se hace referencia en este documento están disponibles en español y hay servicios de traducción disponibles.  Comuníquese con HED al (561) 233-3600.

Avi sa a ak dokiman referansye yo disponib nan lang panyòl, ak sèvis tradiksyon ki disponib.  Kontakte HED nan (561) 233-3600.

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