Place of Hope Champions for Children 20 for 20 Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Goal

Boca Raton, FL – Place of Hope, ranked top in the nation and state of Florida for youth development, shelter and crisis services in 2021, concluded an inaugural peer-to-peer fundraising campaign as part of the organization’s Champions for Children initiative called 20 for 20. The 20 for 20 challenge celebrated 20 years operations while encouraging 20 fundraisers to organize their own give backs to raise funds for Place of Hope. The Champions’ successful efforts collectively raised more than $50,000.

The 20 for 20 Champions for Children consisted of groups and individuals of Place of Hope supporters who took the challenge to their networks and communities. Special thanks to the fundraisers including Luke Pingleton, Coni & Doug Rhudy, Rebecca Giacobba & Christian Penner, Team Orangetheory Jupiter, Team Social Hour, Rene Espinal, Stephanie & Tulio Quirantes, Charles Bender, Lisa McDulin, and Jamie Bond.

“We are honored that so many folks stepped up and took this challenge so that we are able to advance Place of Hope’s mission of defending the fatherless right here in South Florida,” said Charles Bender, Place of Hope Founding CEO. “The success of these parties held in place of a birthday gift or holiday collection speak to the dedication of our supporters to which we are grateful to have every day. There is such power in community, and we could not do what we do at Place of Hope without the movers and shakers who are bringing up Place of Hope in their conversations and consistently bringing new people in. Thank you to each Champion, we are forever grateful!”  

The objective of the campaign was to equip, empower, and promote third party efforts made by 20 for 20 Champions for Children to advocate for Place of Hope’s mission and raise vital funds for the thousands served annually. Fundraisers took creativity to the next level with their events which included but was not limited to Parties with a Purpose, fitness challenges, DIY fundraisers, and more! Teams, and individuals, set the goal of raising $5,000 by combining their spheres of influence.  

To learn more about Place of Hope’s work across South Florida click here. To inquire about holding your own peer-to-peer fundraiser for Place of Hope in 2022, please email

Thank you to the 2021 Champions for Children: Luke Pingleton with Merrill Lynch, Coni & Doug Rhudy with Webster Properties & Luxe Real Estate, Rebecca Giacobba & Christian Penner GIA Elite Team of EXP Realty & America’s Mortgage Solutions, Team Orangetheory Jupiter, Team Social Hour, Rene Espinal with Espinal, Stern & Whittington Morgan Stanley, Charles Bender with Place of Hope, Lisa McDulin with Place of Hope, Jamie Bond with Place of Hope, and Stephanie & Tulio Quirantes with Nothing Bundt Cakes in Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton.

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