Published On: Sun, Jan 16th, 2022

Mayor Robert Weinroth Provides a County Commission Update


With the official start of the Florida Legislative Session, Team Palm Beach County was in the house and the senate! 

The county was fully represented, including all seven county commissioners. 

It was a whirlwind of meetings with many state leadership members to discuss the needs important to our county and its residents. On our agenda were a number of proprietary issues such as affordable housing, food resources, water quality/storage and transportation. 

Additionally, we continued to advocate for home rule since the state has preempted local governments from regulating local issues such as vacation rentals, tree trimming regulations and pet sales. 

As always, we are grateful to our state partners for their time and effort. Session will continue through March 11, and a full complement of the county’s lobbyists will remain in Tallahassee to monitor bills and appropriations important to our residents.


It’s been a successful year for economic development with a a record-breaking number of new companies and families moving to the area. We were the #1 county in Florida for growth in 2021, and 2022 looks even better! 

As mayor of Palm Beach County, I have the opportunity to serve on the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County (BDB) Executive Committee. 

The BDB is the county’s official economic development organization that attracts and retains business investment through corporate relocations, expansions and international trade. The efforts have a lasting and sustainable impact on our county.

This past year, the BDB facilitated 31 corporate relocations and expansions that created 3,028 high-salary jobs and $150 million in capital investment. 

At the same time, visitors continue to flock to the area in record numbers fueling our local hotels, small businesses and restaurants. This is extremely important to our economy and the residents who work in the tourism industry. 


Palm Beach County was recently assigned 728 as a new area code (in addition to 561). The new area code will be an “overlay” for the county.

Anticipating that phone numbers starting with 561 will run out by 2023, the new number was assigned by the Florida Public Service Commission. 

It will serve the same geographic boundaries as the 561 area code and will be assigned to new telephone numbers and/or additional lines.

All existing 561 numbers will not be affected.  For more information, click here.


Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is pleased to welcome Breeze Airways with service starting on February 19. 
Some of the destinations include New Orleans, Louisiana, Akron/Canton/Columbus, Ohio Charleston, SC Norfolk/Richmond, VA   For more information, click here.

PBIA serves more than 6.7 million passengers annually and offers 200 nonstop flights daily with 13 airlines!


With the recent approval of a 30-year lease agreement with the Port of Palm Beach for $10 a year, the county will be restoring and managing an area on Peanut Island that includes President John F. Kennedy’s Cold War-era Bunker. 
The 1,800-square-foot Bunker was built in 1961 as a top-secret nuclear bomb shelter for President Kennedy during visits to his family’s estate in Palm Beach.

Once completed, the public will have access to low-impact, educational and historic attractions including tours of the Kennedy bunker and the former Coast Guard station and boathouse built in 1936.  


Polo is one of Palm Beach County’s favorite pastimes that dates back to the 1970s. The International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) is one of the most premier polo destinations in the world and is located right here in our backyard. The IPC hosts many of the greatest high-goal teams and tournaments in the world.

During halftime, attendees are invited to participate in the “divot stomp” when spectators walk out on the field and stomp the divots kicked up by the horses’ hooves to help flatten the surface. 

Polo is one of Palm Beach County’s favorite pastimes that dates back to the 1970s. The International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) is one of the most premier polo destinations in the world and is located right here in our backyard. The IPC hosts many of the greatest high-goal teams and tournaments in the world.

During halftime, attendees are invited to participate in the “divot stomp” when spectators walk out on the field and stomp the divots kicked up by the horses’ hooves to help flatten the surface. 

The prestigious Winter Equestrian Festival, the longest-running equestrian event in the world, takes place at the nearby Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. The Center is a sight to behold, with more than 18 competition arenas on 500 acres of purely equestrian-focused grounds. 

The festival draws nearly 250,000 spectators, and national and international athletes compete for prizes while readying for the Olympics, or beginning careers as equestrians. Both sports run from January through April 2022.


Looking for the best source to discover the heartbeat of a community? Tune in to my podcast, Palm Beach County Perspective, providing all the latest news, current events, the lowdown on what’s happening and a bit of history of one of the most beautiful corners of America.

Join us each episode for spirited conversation, strong opinions, special guests and most importantly, a fresh and unique perspective. For more information, click here.


There are a number of county parks that provide outdoor fitness courses with exercise equipment such as chest press machines, ellipticals and self-weighted rowers – all free! To find an exercise course near you, click here.


Please see the links below for various COVID-19 resources, including vaccination and testing sites.

Vaccination sites

Testing sites

Mobile vaccination clinic

COVID-19 card replacement

The Department of Health COVID-19 Call Center is available 24/7 at 866.779.6121 or email at: 

[email protected]

NON-PROFIT HIGHLIGHT: Veterans and Homefront Voices

Veterans & Homefront Voices is a local nonprofit that connects our veterans with Junior ROTC cadets to capture, preserve and share the veteran’s legacy.

On Dec. 7, 2021, WWII veterans were honored in a ceremony led by three Junior ROTC Battalions, at the Mizner Park Cultural Center.

In addition, this year marks the 80th anniversary of WWII. In preparation for several upcoming celebrations honoring local WWII veterans, the nonprofit is recruiting local veterans to be recognized. 

Interested WWII veterans can contact Conrad Ogletree at [email protected] or click here for more information.


The official ground-breaking ceremony for a new fire station in Boynton Beach 

Welcome remarks at the Annual Bridge Lighting & Pink Boots on the Ground Celebration

Mayor Weinroth with Senator Tina Polsky at the
Christmas Give Back Feast in Boca Raton

Opening day of the Annual South Florida Fair

In 1872, Palm Beach’s first permanent settler, Charles “Charlie” Moore moved into Augustus Lang’s abandoned house in Lake Worth. Charlie acquired more land on Palm Beach and across Lake Worth, near Lake Magnolia. 
As word spread northward of the paradise the pioneers had discovered, family, friends and other new settlers followed in increasing numbers from many states.

The Lake Worth Pioneers Association was organized in 1894, early enough to record arrivals from first-hand knowledge; those who did not stay long were left off the roll. Descendants of the original members still hold annual picnics and share stories handed down through the generations. To be continued…

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About the Author

- Robert Weinroth is a 27 year resident of Boca Raton where he is an attorney, businessman, former member of the City Council (where he served for four years) and currently serves as an elected member of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners. Commissioner Weinroth went to Boston’s Northeastern University where he earned a BSBA in Management. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor at New England School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and the Supreme Court of the United States. Weinroth served as president and general counsel of Freedom Medical Services Inc, an accredited medical supply company in Boca Raton. FREEDOMED® represented the realization of an entrepreneurial dream. Weinroth, and his wife Pamela operated the company for 16 years, eventually selling the business in 2016. Weinroth takes great pride in his past work as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem for the 15th Judicial Circuit, advocating for the needs of abused and neglected children deemed dependent by the Court. After serving on multiple community boards and committees, Weinroth was elected to the Boca Raton City Council in 2014. During his tenure, he served as CRA Vice-chair and Deputy Mayor and was appointed to a number of county boards including the Boca Raton Airport Authority, the Palm Tran Service Board, the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency, the Treasure Coast Planning Council and was elected a board member of the Palm Beach County League of Cities. Commissioner Weinroth serves as County Vice-Mayor and has been appointed Chair of the Solid Waste Authority, a board member of the PBC Transportation Planning Agency, and alternate representative on the Treasure Coast Planning Agency and several other county and regional boards. Robert, Pamela and their two dogs, Sierra and Siggy, are proud to call Boca Raton home.

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