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A New Jersey Winner With The 3.5 Million Jackpot

Playing games has been an amazing and lovely activity for many people worldwide. One form of online game that attracts more fans daily is internet slots Australia. In casino games, there are wide categories of games in the catalogue that players can choose from. If one game does not interest the player, such can switch to another game for ample entertainment. In casinos, players can play slots games which is the game with the largest variety and theme. And this game doesn’t require any form of technicality in playing. Within a few minutes of observing its play, it can be mastered. Other games to enjoy are table games for those who love to play cards; you will find games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, and poker. There are also other casino games like live dealer games, live video slots, live poker for those who want a real gameplay experience.

In playing any online games, aside from entertainment derived from the gameplay, there are also chances of winning real money. Winning big in casinos is not a fallacy, nor a mirage, as people from different parts of the world have won a huge amount of jackpot on the game played. As millions of jackpots have been won by some individuals, anyone playing slots games or other casino games can have the big win.

Million Jackpot Winners in Casinos

In the history of casino games, there have been lots of winnings from different individuals in online games. We will look at some of the jackpot winners in the casino and the amount won by these lucky players.

  1. Doris;
  2. Unidentified Winner;
  3. Frank Nagy;
  4. Cynthia Jay Brennan;
  5. $39.7 Million Jackpot Win.


She is a New Jersey woman who won a $3.5 million iGaming slot jackpot. The slot game that saw her win was played in Borgata online casino with the BetMGM grand million online slots. What took her to have this massive jackpot win was just a $10 spin, and in a split of seconds, she ended as the lucky winner of the day.

Unidentified Winner

Another unidentified woman in New Jersey also made a big win of her life in the casino playing an online slot game. She won this jackpot while wagering during a work conference call. The amount that led to her colossal jackpot win of $287,945 was a $2 bet in the Divine Fortune online slot machine.

Frank Nagy

He is also a lucky jackpot winner from New Jersey who made a $1.1million win on a progressive poker game at Tropicana Atlantic City with just a bet of $5. He had been a regular player at the casino, but the day he hit the jackpot was his huge lucky day.

Cynthia Jay Brennan

This is the second huge jackpot winner of all time in history who made a jackpot win of $35 million. She was aged 37 when she had the fortune that turned things around. The jackpot won was made playing on the popular megabucks slot machine.

$39.7 Million Jackpot Win

 in history, this is the highest win ever made in a slot. Although the lucky winner’s name was not made known, it was believed to be an American scientist. He made his jackpot winning in Excalibur casino by putting three $1 coins in a megabucks slot machine and spending $100 to hit the all-time jackpot win that made him $39.7million.

Taxes on Game Winnings

When gambling in the casino, if luck turns on your side and makes big wins in your game, all you earn is not entirely yours to take. The federal government and probably the state share the winning or jackpot you hit in taxes. If care is not taken, a winner in the casino can become a loser if the taxes are not paid.

In gambling, the money won is considered a taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With this, taxes can’t be avoided after hitting a win, as it is reported on Form W-2G for certain gambling winnings. The players usually withhold a 24% flat tax on the winnings. However, if your winnings exceed $5,000, the winnings will be withheld and subjected to income tax withholding.

The Best Winning Odds to Look for

In casino games, having winning odds is the best bet that most players are interested in as this will help them win more. In casinos, some games have nice odds, and in some games, the odds are not too good but fair enough to have some winnings. Knowing if the game’s odds are good or not, the game’s house edge should be known. For example, when the payout on a game is 95%, the house edge on that game is 2.5%.

To have nice win playing games in the casino, it is best to go for games with good odds if you are playing to win and not just for fun. The games with the best odds in the casino are always the table games that give a high winning payout. For instance, in the table game blackjack, the house edge for the game is just 1% or 0.13%, which accounts for why the odds in the game are good and have the highest payout rate.

According to the casino, other games with good odds are craps with the house edge as 0.60% or 1.2%. For roulette, the house edge for single zero is 2.7% and 5.26% for double zero.


When playing games in an online casino, good jackpot winnings is all that players seek. And for most online casinos, this is possible. Players can make this huge win with any amount put in wagering. But always note that if luck turns on your side, you are meant to pay taxes on the amount won, which means the whole amount won is not what you will be paid. That is because a percentage of your winnings will be deducted as a flat tax or income tax holding. However, once that is done, the rest of the funds are yours.

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