Palm Beach County is under mosquito-borne illness advisory

Palm Beach County is being warned about possible mosquito-borne diseases.

As reported by CBS 12 News, the Health Department of Palm Beach County issued the advisory.

Experts state that there has been an increase in mosquito-borne disease activity in Wellington, Belle Glade, Jupiter Farms and West Boca Raton. 

The health department also states that several test chickens have tested positive for flavivirus infections. They also warn that the risk of transmission to people has increased.

People are being advised to take precautions. Some precautions include draining standing or still water in your yard and covering your skin with repellents. Repellents with lemon or eucalyptus oil, para-menthane-diol, DEET picaridin, IR3535 and 2-undecanone are effective. 

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