Published On: Fri, Oct 15th, 2021

Online dating in 2021

Right from the moment governments around the globe began to prohibit trips abroad – people have lost many dating opportunities. And while someone has been using dating sites for a long time, others had to accept it and start looking for other options for dating. Communicating with people without leaving home is still possible! Dating platforms have undoubtedly become one of the most popular methods of getting to know and interacting with other people. Just a few years ago, dating via the Internet was condemned by many people. Now, the activity of users of dating websites is only growing. The statistic does not change depending on age. Users aged 55-65 are just as active as 25-year-olds, but they prefer other platforms. Undoubtedly, you need to avoid some things when dating online and be careful. After reading this article, you will be aware of all the nuances and statistics of this way of finding love. Experts of have prepared a lot of helpful information. And you will also learn how to avoid scams since it’s also essential in this regard.

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The first dating sites appeared in the 90s of the last century. At that time, they were not very popular among people. But with time, their attendance began to grow. The reason for it is the availability and popularization of new technologies. According to recent data, today, 40% of Americans use various dating sites and applications, 52.4% of which are men and 47.6% are women. On average, the percentage of people using dating sites increased by 8-10% compared to 2013.

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The popularity of dating sites is associated with the development of technologies and the convenience of using them. In particular, their popularity has become more due to the pandemic. Almost all singles have lost their flights abroad due to restrictions for the safety of people. How to communicate with a person living in another country if you can’t fly anywhere then? The answer is – through online dating sites. Today, almost every person on Earth has access to the Internet, so communication with people has slowly moved to the World Wide Web. For people looking for love, it allows getting acquainted not only with singles from their cities. But also from other countries or continents. To do this, you do not need to order expensive tickets, as well as get paperwork for the flight done. Just register on a dating site, fill out a simple questionnaire, and look for a person with whom you will feel comfortable, amusing, and whom you will love. Finding a person for a serious relationship, starting a family has definitely become much easier than before.

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Have you often heard stories when someone met a person online, sees her finally live, and realizes that an entirely different person is in front of him? Yes, it’s true. According to the research agency, 20% of women confessed to using older photos when they were younger and thinner. And more than 40% of men said that they lied about their work to appear more successful. Try not to deceive other people. Remember that the right person will love you for who you are, not for who you are not. Deception is repulsive. Remember that not only you can trick, but also another person you know only online.

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There are people all over the Internet who are trying to take advantage of you. Dating sites are no exception. Among the usual inhabitants of dating platforms, some scammers deceive people to get money. It makes communication unsafe, and you need to follow some rules to avoid possible danger:

  • Do not rush to tell the conversationalist personal information.
  • Do not take pictures of documents.
  • Offer a conversation via messenger with a video.
  • Do not send intimate photos if you are not sure about the person.
  • Check the information, ask specific questions.

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