Published On: Wed, Oct 13th, 2021

Here’s What to Expect During Your Florida Move

Did you know that one in every eight cross-country moves go to Florida? It’s a top destination for several reasons. Not only is it sought-after for its warm, sunny weather and fantastic beaches, but many people are also drawn to the state because of its diverse population, intense sports culture, attractions, and delectable food and drinks. 

Have you been searching for long-distance movers to hire in Florida? Maybe you’re starting a family and want a better home or planning to retire at the southeastern tip of the country. No matter what your reasons are, here’s what to expect during your move to the sunshine state:

  • Weather. Most people think of continuous sunshine when they think of Florida. There’s absolutely some truth to that. After all, it’s the warmest place in the continental United States. However, the state’s weather is slightly more complex than what its nickname suggests. Most of the state’s territory has a sub-tropical climate. This means that most of Florida experiences mild weather during winter, but some communities in the northern part of the state encounter short, mild cold snaps. Expect that the summers will be warm, full of sunshine, and humid. Regular rainstorms occur during this season, too, but the storms typically don’t last longer than 45 minutes.
  • Cost of Living. Unlike other states, the cost of living now in Florida is far higher than it used to be when your parents and their parents retired many years ago. Florida’s cost of living is largely determined by housing costs. In 2019, the state’s median property value was $245,100. This is 1.02 times higher than the country’s national average, which was only $240,500. You may presume that Florida’s lack of state income tax would be advantageous in some ways. But this may only make sense to high-income earners. If you’re not investing a large chunk of your assets in a home in Florida, you might not have to worry much about the cost of living there. 
  • Transportation. As with most US states, Florida has well-paved roads and an excellent highway network. The best way to get around the state is by driving a car. Most residents drive alone to go to work. Each household owns two cars on average. Besides, those who want to travel across Florida generally hire a car. Main highways, such as 75 and 95, interweave the state. But if you find yourself stuck in traffic, several striking bridges will surely keep you captivated. These are the Broad Causeway, the Bridge of Lions, and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, to name a few. 

Florida is home to sunshine, Walt Disney World, and picturesque beaches stretching for nearly 700 miles. If you’re looking for a paradise where there’s never a shortage of places to visit or things to do, Florida will likely suit you. Just keep in mind that the sunshine state isn’t merely a mass of beaches and orange groves. It’s a large state with many different kinds of people, cultures, lifestyles, and landscapes. The key is to move to the right part of the state. This way, you can make the most of your big move.

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