Published On: Thu, Oct 21st, 2021

Baptist Health South Florida promotes breast cancer awareness with pink trucks

Image courtesy of WPTV

Baptist Health South Florida in Boca Raton and other cities are promoting breast cancer awareness in local communities.

As reported by WPTV, the hospital system is using pink trucks to promote early detection and screenings for breast cancer. 

“The survival rates are tremendous, particularly with early detection. We have over 95% survival for five years in patients who have early diagnosed breast cancer, so there’s a great amount of hope,” says medical director of the Lynn Women’s Health And Wellness Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, Dr. Kathy Schilling.

However, Baptist Health South Florida has recorded a rise in the number of women delaying getting a mammogram. So the hospital system is driving pink trucks around with facts about breast cancer to motivate testing.

“You can miss a few weeks or a couple of months, but you can’t miss years because then we’re going to be finding cancers when they’re palpable when they’re clinically evident, and then we’re going backward. If mammograms are delayed, then we’re not moving forward with early detection, so it’s important that patients come back in,” says Schilling. 

“We have a lot of tools to diagnose cancers early, and so there’s a lot of hope,” continues Schilling. 

For more information on scheduling a mammogram, visit this website

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