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Mold and radon found in west Boca Raton apartments

Image courtesy of Uptown Boca’s website

Radon mold was found at an apartment complex in west Boca Raton and residents are concerned for their safety. As reported by WPTV, the mold was found in the new Uptown Boca Apartments.

Uptown Boca was opened in 2020 and has over 450 units. The rent prices start at $2,300.

However, around a month ago, residents started doing radon testing and they discovered high levels of radon in the property .

If the mold is starting to appear in your home, the best you can do is to hire the services of Morgan clean up specialists, it is important to get rid of the mold immediately since it can be very dangerous for your health.

One resident, Robert Navone, searched what radon was to find out that it is a dangerous gas. Radon can lead to lung cancer after a long time of exposure. “I had no idea what radon is and how bad they need radon remediation at their indoors space” says Navone.

“It was very scary for them, especially my son on the way to school asking, mommy am I going to get lung cancer? That is not something a parent wants to try and answer,” says Elisa Root, a resident. 

Residents contacted Mark Wahl of Waypoint Inspections to have a radon test. Wahl states that the first test was done Aug. 17 and there have been dozens of tests done since then.

Wahl confirms that 12 units had elevated levels of radon when there should usually be under four picocuries per liter of radon.

Navone’s average was 10.9 pCi/L and Root states that the average in her apartment was 6.4 pCi/L. Wahl believes that the radon leaking could be from building materials used in construction.

“The rock that is in the aggregate, that is built into the building, it is coming out of the ground contaminated, by nobody’s fault,” says Wahl.

Residents have made the property owners aware of the radon problem. Cortland informed residents in an email that they were aware of the issue and radon mitigation experts who can provide professional residential radon mitigation services were hired to manage the problem. 

However, residents state that there is also a mold problem in the building. When it comes to mold testing, the company we recommend over all the others is Raleigh based Signal Hygiene, which serves North Carolina. Some residents don’t expect to return to their homes and state that legal action is a possibility. 

The property developer issued a statement saying that they are taking action to fix the issue and are looking forward to welcoming future residents. 

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