Published On: Mon, Sep 13th, 2021

Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple fails

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Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple falls through. As reported by Axios, a judge denied Epic’s request and stated that Apple was not a monopoly. 

Epic Games started adding its payment method in their game ‘Fortnite’ in 2020. Apple responded by removing the game from the App Store. Epic Games sued Apple soon after ‘Fornite’ was removed from the App Store. 

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in Apple’s favor on Sept. 10. However, the judge struck down Apple’s policy that it prevents developers from different forms to buy in-app goods and services. 

Epic Games was ordered to pay damages to Apple, the amount around a few million dollars. However, Apple can appeal the lawsuit and on Sept. 12, Epic Games filed their notice of appeal.

Apple has agreed to allow certain “reader” apps to link to eternal websites to manage subscriptions and accounts after settling a Japanese antitrust inquiry. 

Apple has also agreed to allow developers to email customers about alternative payment options after settling a developer class-action suit.

Epic Games, however, is not satisfied with the recent ruling. “Fortnite’ will return to the iOS App Store when and where Epic can offer in-app payment in fair competition with Apple in-app payment, passing along the savings to consumers,” says Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games. 

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