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Published On: Thu, Sep 2nd, 2021

Delray Beach city employees could receive bonuses for being vaccinated

Some city employees in Delray Beach could receive a $500 bonus for having proof of vaccination. As reported by CBS 12 News, city officials unanimously approved the proposal allowing extending hazard pay to around 180 essential staff.

Deputy Vice Mayor Adam Frankel states that the city’s attorney’s office is reviewing further details of the proposal. He also states that a final decision should be made during the city commission meeting held in early September.

Frankel states that he would like to see this program in place for all city employees, not just non-union employees. 

“I know there was some pushback from those who may not qualify saying, ‘Hey where’s our money?’ So we want to do what’s right. We want to be fair. To me, I think anyone that’s been vaccinated or would get vaccinated who is an employee here in our city, let’s give them 500 bucks,” says Frankel. 

Proof of vaccination has become mandatory for non-union workers in Delray Beach after the new City Manager’s announcement. Employees were given until Aug. 30 to show proof of vaccination or submit to weekly Covid-19 testing. 

This new incentive comes after various businesses and companies have been trying to enforce Covid-19 prevention policies. Companies like Delta Airlines are trying to encourage employees to get vaccinated and stay protected against the Covid-19 virus. 

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