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Caridad Center

Boca Raton, FL – Who we are 

∙ The Prevention Education and Training Program: 

∙ Is a program that takes a comprehensive approach to the prevention, education, and  treatment of chronic diseases 

∙ Delivers family-centered, culturally competent care 

∙ Provides early detection, treatment, and health education for low-income residents who  have, or are at-risk for chronic diseases, such as: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood  pressure, and obesity.  

Educational programs (Available after October 1st) 

One- Day Health Educational Classes: (45 minutes) English and Spanish. By zoom and In person. NOT in Creole at the moment.  

∙ Breast Health Education 

∙ Cervical Cancer Prevention 

∙ Covid-19 Education 

∙ Covid-19 Vaccination Hesitation 

∙ Medication Therapy Management  

∙ Nutrition  

∙ Oral Health Education 

∙ Physical Activity  

∙ Skin Care Prevention  

∙ HIV and STD Education 

∙ Addressing Social Determinants of Health 

∙ Obesity  

∙ Prostate Cancer 

∙ Cardiovascular Diseases  

Educational Demonstration (In Person ONLY): English and Spanish  ∙ Breast Health Education  

∙ Cervical Cancer Prevention  

∙ Cardiovascular Diseases  

∙ Nutrition  

∙ Oral Health Education 

∙ Skin Care Prevention  

Health Screenings: 

∙ Self-assessment diabetes screening by the American Diabetes Association ∙ Link and navigation services

Health Educational Workshops 6 day sessions (2 hours and 30 minutes per day)  English and Spanish: 

∙ Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop (CDSM) 

∙ Tomando Control de su Salud 

∙ Diabetes Self-Management (DSMP) 

∙ Manejo Personal de la Diabetes 

To request any educational programs, Caridad Center require from the Organization the  following: 

∙ MOU signed by the both parties – The Organization and Caridad Center, prior the  educational program  

To request any educational programs, Caridad Center require from the Organization’s participants the following: 

∙ Educational Pre-post test  

∙ Participants demographics/sign in sheet form 

∙ Satisfaction survey for Community Health Worker and Educational program 

Important: Caridad Center requested a minimum of one (2) weeks to schedule any educational  program.  

Contact information: 

  • Ana Neira 
  • Outreach and Event Coordinator 
  • ONLY text to cell-phone: 954-263-2260

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