Published On: Tue, Aug 17th, 2021

Boca Raton Library Wins Florida Municipal Achievement Award

The Florida League of Cities recently awarded a Florida Municipal Achievement Award to the City of Boca Raton for the Public Library’s StoryWalk Program. The library’s program won the City Spirit Award, which recognizes a specific, single, citywide effort to successfully address a local need.

The StoryWalk program is an innovative way for children, and adults, to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. It was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, after City facilities – including libraries, parks and community centers – closed to the public in accordance with Palm Beach County and State of Florida emergency orders. The program incorporates children’s books along a popular outdoor walking route in the community, located in the Pondhawk Natural Area. Laminated book pages are placed in weatherproof enclosures mounted to reading height posts spread along the routes. Participants read each book from start to finish as they walk each path. 

“I could not be prouder of the Boca Raton Public Library and all of our City of Boca Raton departments and divisions, all of whom worked with such dedication to meet the increased needs of our residents during these unprecedented times,” said Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer. “The StoryWalk has provided an engaging, educational outlet that many people in our community continue to enjoy.”

The popularity of the StoryWalk within the community attracted thousands of participants and prompted the library to expand the program to Serenoa Glade Preserve, a nature area within George Snow Park. The new Serenoa StoryWalk location is located next to a popular playground and focuses on books for toddlers and younger children in strollers. Different books will be displayed every month throughout the year to keep both StoryWalk experiences fresh.

“The StoryWalk at Pondhawk Natural Area was the realization of a shared vision,” said Ellen Randolph, Manager of Library Services. “This exciting project would not have been possible without our innovative partnerships with Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management and our wonderful Friends of the Library group. They all loved the idea immediately and have been actively involved in every step of this initiative.”

To learn more about the award, visit For more information on the library’s StoryWalk Program, please visit the library’s website.

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