Published On: Wed, Jul 28th, 2021

Leadership Experts’ Strategies for Post-Pandemic Business Success

Jane Firth and Andrea Zintz

More empathetic leadership – and public perception of it – is critical as businesses rebuild for the future while employees continue to process pandemic-related struggles  

Boca Raton, FL – After more than a year of massive loss, disruption, and stress, employees looking to return to or transition  within the workforce need more than a paycheck: they need support, guidance, and inspiration.  

A new era of leadership is necessary to help employees increase resilience and improve their lives both at work  and at home, with exemplary leaders providing more constructive and positive impacts that create happier, more  productive individuals and teams. 

In their new book, Grit, Grace & Gravitas: The Three Keys to Transforming Leadership, Presence, and  Impact, leadership development experts Jane Firth and Andrea Zintz share their research and methodologies for navigating this critical time. Grit, Grace & Gravitas provides leaders with the social-emotional qualities and  skills they need to successfully manage this transition. With the techniques provided, leaders will have the keys  to effectively support and empower their people as they guide the way forward.  

“When stressed, leaders tend to get technical, but what people really need now is connection,” Zintz said. 

Leaders become greater assets to those they lead and to their organizations when they integrate their grit and  gravitas with the constructive powers of grace. Giving leaders greater dominion over emotional triggers and  negative reactions, for example, helps them deal with difficult situations. 

“As we work to overcome recent challenges, transformative leadership capabilities are needed more than ever,”  Firth said. “Leaders need advanced social and emotional skills to keep morale high, provide vision, and  galvanize their teams to achieve critical results together.”  

Currently in the Top Women and Business eBooks on Amazon, Grit, Grace & Gravitas (also available in hardcover) addresses the myths and confusions concerning executive presence and reconstructs them into  actionable skills for more impactful and evolved leadership. 

Using highly relatable stories based on decades’ worth of client experiences, readers gain insightful self awareness and a practical roadmap for overcoming obstacles, creating more empowered and resilient teams, and  aligning to achieve what matters.  

About the Authors 

Jane Firth, MSOD, founder and CEO of Firth Leadership Partners, has been a trusted coach and advisor for  executives, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and their teams for more than 40 years, providing deep expertise and  cross-industry custom programming in the areas of organizational dynamics, human behavior, and executive leadership and performance. 

Andrea Zintz, Ph.D., founder and president of Strategic Leadership Resources, is highly experienced in  advanced leadership strategy, change management, human resources, and talent development. A business owner  for more than two decades, Zintz has coached leaders at Fortune 500 organizations in the biotechnology,  defense, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. 

About the Author

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