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Get an Early Look at Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ Track List

2021 has been a whirlwind year so far, but one thing that we are super grateful for is the fact that Billie Eilish is blessing us with her second-ever album.

Titled ‘Happier Than Ever’, the album promises to really be anything but.

If we all know one thing, it is that Billie remains and steadfast in the type of music she writes. Ever since she was a teenager, she’s been producing unbelievably unique music with her brother and they have taken the musical world by storm.

After Billie’s first album, she went on a world tour and won fans in pretty much every country there is. But then, the global pandemic hit. And much like the rest of us, she spent the majority of last year at home. But that wasn’t without some silver linings. She and her brother then decided to create a second album together during that time—and we could not be more thankful for that.

With Billie’s album set to drop in the next month, we are pacing with anticipation to hear her new tunes.

So how can you get an early look at Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ tracklist? Because let’s be honest, we would do just about anything to get our hands on her new music as quickly as we can!

Well, the good news is that Billie fans can pre-order happier than ever on exclusive cool grey vinyl! So dust off those record players and get ready to gift yourself with the coolest collector’s item there is.

What’s in store for those lucky enough to get one of these grey vinyl full of Billie’s new tunes? Here are the top things you can expect from a purchase like this.

1. The songs are anything but happy

You may want to crack open a bottle of wine to go with that record player because Billie’s songs are literally anything but happy. But it is an emotional journey that will sound even better coming through your record player and filling your living room with emotional lyrics that personally strike a chord with you.

2. You’ll learn about Billie’s personal life

These songs are emotional because they are inspired by real events that Billie herself has lived through. She’s gone through emotional abuse, people taking advantage of her, and secret romances. All of that comes through in her soulfully powered songs that make up the second album’s tracklist.

3. It’s a transitional journey of an album

Our little Gen Z pop princess is growing up and this album is a true reflection of that. Billie has always been wise beyond her years, and this collection of songs really showcases that she is maturing and aware of her emotions. In fact, the album title in itself alludes to her acceptance that being happier than ever doesn’t mean you have to be completely happy, but rather it is a step forward in terms of your happiness. So deep!

4. There is diversity in the music

Billie takes great pride in each and every song she creates. In fact, she is personally on a mission to ensure that no two songs ever sound the same! It is all in the details for Billie and you will hear that clearer than ever on her grey vinyl track record of the second album. No one can create music quite like Billie and her brother and the listening experience is even more magical when their work comes out of a record player.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Billie’s new album in grey vinyl record format! It is something that will give you the ultimate listening experience.

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