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Boca Raton drafts stricter rules after Surfside tragedy

The city of Boca Raton intends to put stricter rules in place to prevent tragedies similar to Surfside from happening. As reported by CBS 12 News, Mayor Scott Singer is taking steps to prevent incidents like the collapse in Surfside in Boca Raton.

Mayor Singer states that the city of Boca Raton is trying to adopt a certification requirement that is stricter than the 40-year requirement. However, there is no requirement to re-certify condos on the beach in Palm Beach County or in the state building code.

The Mayor states that the 40-year recertification was not enough to stop the collapse in Maimi and wants to implement a shorter time frame in Boca Raton. The amendment will be discussed in the next city council meeting in July and city staff are drafting the amendment.

The Beach Condo Association has also put out a letter. This association is compromised of dozens of high-rise condos in Boca Raton and their letter was sent to its members with recommended steps in light of the Surfside accident.

The association is informing its members to expect new requirements for re-certification in Palm Beach Couty. The BCA is also recommending building initiate a reserve study and have a professional address life safety needs, especially if the building is older than 40 years.
The BCA is also reminding its members to complete routine and preventive maintenance in their structures. The letter reminds members to “Do not kick the can down the road to save a few bucks.”

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