Published On: Wed, Jul 28th, 2021

Boca Raton City Council introduces transportation and recertification plans

Last night, members of the Boca Raton City Council met at 6500 N. Congress Ave to discuss ordinances addressing building recertification plans and Brightline construction. 

Ordinance No. 5587 addresses the agreement between the City of Boca Raton and Brightline Trains LLC to construct a parking garage for the new Brightline station. The garage will be located at 400 NW 2nd Ave. Council members will vote on the ordinance next month at the next regular meeting.

Ordinance No. 5588 proposes to authorize the construction of a one-story passenger train station and a 4.5 story parking structure. The station and structure will be located at 101 NW 4th St. and 151 NW 4th St. Council members will vote on the ordinance next month.

Prior to Ordinance No. 5589 being introduced, one Boca Raton citizen expressed his gratitude for council members considering a building recertification plan.

“I want to applaud the council for their initiative to engage in a building recertification program,” said Richard Zimmer, engineer. “There is a lot of language in the ordinance that is very hopeful, but I would urge you to consider some loopholes that would allow homeowners or building owners to escape the intentions of some of the orders that are in place.”

Ordinance No. 5589 was created in response to the Champlain Towers collapsing in Surfside. The ordinance would require buildings in Boca Raton that are 30 years or older to establish recertification inspections. This would apply to buildings that are four stories and include more than 400 occupants.

The ordinance would also include timeframes for recertification and repairs. The potential new law would also have penalties for buildings failing to submit a recertification plan or complete repairs.

The City Council will meet at the end of next month to vote on brightline construction and building recertification.

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