Palm Beach County School District announces plans for a new high school

The Palm Beach County School District recently announced construction plans for a new high school. As reported by CBS 12 News, the high school will be built in Lake Worth near Woodlands Middle School. Nicknamed “OOO High School,” the new school is expected to open in August 2023 with an official name.

“OOO High School” will hold 2,703 students as an attempt to top overcrowding in other schools. The new school will also feature a high-tech auditorium, a state-of-the-art media center, a 4,00 seat stadium, baseball and softball fields, weight rooms and two extra practice fields. Construction is expected to begin this summer. 

A new elementary school will also be built in Boca Raton, near Don Estridge High Tech Middle School. Nicknamed “05-C Elementary,” the school will have three stories that will house the classroom wing. 

“The two-story portion is housing the administration suite on the first floor and the media center on the second floor. And the one-story component is housing the cafeteria, kitchen, science and art labs, and custodial receiving area,” says director of construction and school liaison, Larry Clawson.

The elementary school is expected to open in August 2022.

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