Local South Florida eating competitor completes challenge at Boba Street Cafe

Recently, youtuber and eating challenge competitor Nathan Figueroa completed his first ever Boba Bag Challenge at Boba Street Cafe by drinking one gallon of boba strawberry lemonade.

Figueroa is a South Florida-based competitive eater. He has accomplished eating a 10,000 calorie breakfast, a 6-pound burrito and the entire Chick-fil-A menu. However, the Boba Bag Challenge was the first liquid challenge Figueroa participated in.

“For food challenges I eat massive salads a day before I participate in food challenges,” says Figueroa. “I didn’t know what I was getting into with the Boba challenge since I have never done a liquid challenge before.”

Boba Street Cafe opened nearly two years ago on 141 NW 20th St. Various flavors of fruit teas, milk teas, street blends, sodas, coffee and other specialities are offered. Guests can choose several flavors of tapioca pearls to blend with their drinks.

“Boba Street Cafe became an idea about five years ago,” says owner Monica Ash. “My daughter asked for bubble tea and we realized that there wasn’t a store nearby and we decided to open one.”

Bubble tea, also known as boba, originated in Taiwan during the 1980s. Since then, the popular drink made its way throughout Asia and into the United States. The flavor variety of tapioca pearls make bubble tea stand out from other drinks. Customers are given a boba straw so that the tapioca pearls are consumed.

The Boba Cafe Street Challenge was held to officially start the beginning of the summer season. This summer, many customers will be expected to stop by Boba Street Cafe to enjoy some bubble tea while combating the heat.

“Summer is officially starting and what would be a better way to mark the beginning of summer by having Nathan Figueroa participate in our challenge,” says Ash.

As Figueroa was setting up for the challenge, customers enjoyed free samples of boba tea and ordered signature drinks. Inside Boba Street Cafe, a gallon of strawberry lemonade tea with black tapioca pearls were prepared for Figueroa to drink. He aimed to finish the gallon in ten minutes.

Once the challenge began, Figueroa was cheered on by several audience members. Once the liquid was gone, Figueroa began consuming the tapioca pearls. Although Figueroa did not meet his ten minute goal, the entire gallon was gone after an impressive 12 minutes and 35 seconds.

“I think I am done with drinking challenges for a while,” says Figueroa. “But I will see what happens with doing liquid challenges in the future.”

Figueroa’s liquid challenge is set to attract boba tea lovers to Boba Street Cafe throughout the summer season.

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