Published On: Thu, Jun 10th, 2021

Lazy Dog Making its Florida Debut in Boca Raton

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar makes its first appearance in the state of Florida by opening in Boca Raton. 

Nationally known for its dog-friendly environment, the chain requested Palm Beach County to amend its dog dining laws. 

If the proposed measure gets approved, dogs will be able to eat with their owners on the outside dining areas. Photo sourced from The Dallas Morning News.

According to Florida law § 509.233, dogs cannot be in unincorporated areas in Palm Beach County with the exception of service dogs. However the law allows for local governments to issue permits and amend their law in certain situations. 

According to the Palm Beach Post, the city commissioners accepted Lazy Dog’s request to allow dogs for outside dining. According to the county, they did not foresee the dog dining trend when the initial growth-management plan was put in place. While the commissioners are planning to work with the chain, the final wording will be approved at a later date. 

“We all know it is happening now,” said Jared Taylor, the agent for the restaurant chain, who spoke with the Palm Beach Post and who urged the commissioners to amend its zoning code. “This is needed to legalize it and to regulate it.” 

“Under the proposed measure, a restaurant in an unincorporated area must obtain a permit from the county. Dogs cannot come inside and must be kept on a leash. Waiters and waitresses cannot touch a dog, hand sanitizers must be provided at outside tables and a sign must be posted informing patrons the outside area is available for doggie dining.” Mike Diamond said in his article.

Lazy Dog will be built on 9636 Glades Road Building C6. It is expected to be opened in about three months. Photo sourced from the Palm Beach Post.

The restaurant is also known for having its own separate “Pup menu” to have dogs also enjoy a meal with their owners. In the works also includes beer for dogs. Chris Simms, the founder of the Lazy Dog chain, describes the new drink as, “basically an unfermented beer with nice sweet oats and barley.”  

The restaurant is going to be built on 9636 Glades Road Building C6 in Boca Raton. 

As of right now, the restaurant can be expected to open within the next three months.

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