Published On: Mon, Jun 21st, 2021

Flossy’s statue to glimmer in the sun after restoration project

The Flossy fountain statue at Mizner Park Amphitheater is currently undergoing repairs to fix leaks and improve electrical work.

The fountain’s base is located directly in front of the amphitheater, but park goers will have to wait to see Flossy’s new shine. The statue was removed earlier in 2021 and will be completed later on this year.

Florence “Flossy” Keesely was a close friend of Countess de Hoernle and a Boca Raton benefactor who contributed to local causes that support music education. Flossy is also known for co-hosting the first TV talk show broadcast in 1948. She passed away in 2016 shortly before her 102nd birthday.

Local Boca Raton artist Yaacov Heller created Flossy’s Fountain and two other statues in Mizner Park. He designed the seven-foot statue and fountain in front of the amphitheater after meeting with Flossy.

“She asked me to show her some of the works I had done,” says Heller.

After meeting with Heller, Flossy asked him to create a statue of herself reaching up to a star. The statue stood in front of the amphitheater for a few decades prior to its renovation.

The waterfall-style device needs electrical work and has contributed to several leaks over the years. Once the renovations are complete, Flossy will move back to the same spot.

“We are removing the fountain due to the ongoing maintenance issues and the work should be done in the next couple of months,” says Chrissy Gibson, marketing and communications director for Boca Raton. “The statue will remain in the same general area, on a pedestal.”

While the Flossy statue was created by Yaacov Heller, he will not be in charge of the renovations. Instead, Heller recommended another local sculptor. 

“The patina restoration of the statue will be completed by Rodolfo Gomez with LG Art Sculptor Studio in West Palm Beach,” says Amy DiNorscio, manager of Mizner Park Amphitheater.

Once renovations are complete, Flossy will still have the same sentimental value with a brighter shine.

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