Published On: Tue, May 18th, 2021

The Main Ingredients for Your Business Website

Do you ever wonder how to optimize your business’s website? Entrepreneurs never seem to be satisfied with their sites, always wanting to add more bells and whistles regardless of cost or effectiveness. The smart way to approach this common challenge is to make sure you have all the ingredients in place. Once that settles, then think about bolstering the areas that seem to need fortifying. Here are five common characteristics of an effective commercial website.

Ease of Use

To paraphrase an old film cliché, if you make it easy to use, they will come. The reverse is also true. If your commercial website is hard to navigate, looks confusing, doesn’t offer a simple way to make a purchase, or contains tons of advertising, consider starting from scratch. It’s human nature that people like things that are easy to use, and that especially pertains to websites where they’re shopping and in situations where they have lots of alternatives. When things get complicated, consumers bail out and find a seller who offers simple navigation and buying.

Cost Effective SEO

Search engine optimization is a subject all its own, but for site builders, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how key words and phrases earn high rankings. Do you know how much should you expect to spend on combined SEO efforts? For newer, smaller companies, the answer is, not very much. The beauty of SEO is that you can teach yourself the main elements of the craft in a few hours. The best way to get started is to review a guide on SEO pricing to see how much different levels of service cost. Consider getting started on your own and then paying for a ramped-up version after a few months.

Original Photos

Use too many stock photos on your main pages and you can almost hear the sound of prospective customers clicking out. That’s because nothing screams cheap louder than a bunch of stock photos people have seen on other sites. You know the ones that well-dressed business professionals sitting around a gleaming boardroom table, while everyone looks at an upward line graph chart. From a marketing point of view, those pictures are poison. The answer is to hire an actual photographer to take some unique photos of your team in action. Use your own photos and avoid driving potential customers away.

Well Placed Contact Info

Some of the biggest corporations are guilty of this promotional sin. It happens when the main page of a site either has no contact info or contact data that is hard to find. Rule number one for all businesses is to make money. If shoppers land on your main page and want to contact you, you’ve already won one battle. If they can’t find a phone number or email address, you lose the war.

Fast Load Techniques

It’s important that your home page loads quickly. You can make it happen by avoiding overuse of photos and graphics, especially video clips. Save the fancy stuff for back pages. You want people who make it to your landing page to see all the key information almost instantly.

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