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Detective Kristi Alsup Named Officer of the Year

On Wednesday morning, the Boca Raton Police Services department announced that Detective Kristi Alsup was named Officer of the Year.

Detective Kristi Alsup was named Officer of the Year on Wednesday morning. Photo sourced from Boca Raton Police Services Department Facebook page.

“The best way to describe this last year is ‘challenging,’” Alsup said in her speech. “I have so much respect for my fellow officers who never wavered in their mission to protect and serve even with the at-risk and unexpected changes in their personal lives.”

National Police Week brings awareness to those who serve the city. While the pandemic has forced people to socially distance and stay home, the police department is using their platforms to honor those who serve. 

According to Public Information Officer Jessica Desir, the department is unable to host any events due to the pandemic. That being said, she mentioned that it will celebrate the week through it’s social media accounts. 

In one of their recent posts, it was mentioned that the department has responded to 47,752 calls for service. In addition, it included a one minute video looking back on various accomplishments that the department has succeeded within the past year. 

“This week, we honor the men and women of law enforcement who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We also recognize and thank our officers for their dedication to protecting and serving the City of Boca Raton,” the department published on their social media posts.

The Boca Raton Police Foundation celebrates Police Week. Photo sourced from Boca Raton Police Services Department’s Twitter post.

The department will continue to celebrate the week through their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.    

Encouraging other officers to continue having each other’s backs, Detective Alsup said, “This is not an easy job, and oftentimes it’s a thankless job.”

National Police Week runs from May 9 – 15. 

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