Published On: Tue, Apr 13th, 2021

Rotary Club of Delray Beach

Makayla Valentine

2021-22 Club President Elected

Boca Raton,, FL – Current Director and Membership Chair, Makayla Valentine was elected as 2021-22 Club President at a special meeting of the incoming 2021-22 Board on April 5th. The vote was made necessary following a 6-6 deadlock between Makayla and Roger Caine, the other nominee, at a special meeting the prior week.  To break the tie and ensure a smooth transition, Roger had withdrawn from the race, while still expressing full confidence and promising full support for the new President.  With Makayla as the only nominee, the vote was unanimous.

Makayla  is a third generation Floridian whose family has close ties to Delray Beach.  Through her work in the local business and hospitality industries and with her many contacts in the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, Makayla feels confident that she has the visibility and communication skills to lead the club.  Makayla credits Rotary with giving her the opportunity to give back to her community and to pursue personal development.  Since joining the club in 2019, she has consistently participated in Rotary projects and initiatives, such as Love Delray, Covid relief Achievement Center Days, the Halloween Parade, KidFest and first responder events for Police, Fire and Hospital workers.

Makayla hopes to bring her energy passion to the role of President.  She wants to make the club more attractive and accessible to a group of diverse and talented new members, both younger and older, who can help us drive the club forward.  For Makayla, this is what Rotary is all about, especially now, as we are preparing to return to in-person meetings and renewed fellowship.

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