Published On: Wed, Apr 14th, 2021

Palm Beach County deputies accused of smuggling drugs

Two Palm Beach County Shieff’s Office deputies were discovered for attempting to distribute drugs into Palm Beach County Jail. According to CBS 12 News, Karl Glen Kirkland and Jose Gutierrez were arrested for trying to distribute various different substances.

Police say that inmate Matthew Winegard was discovered for making plans to smuggle drugs. Winegard helped police discover Kirkland and Gutierrez. Police then began to investigate both Kirkland and Gutierrez.

The arrest reports state that Gutierrez tried to smuggle marijuana, cigarettes and a lighter into jail with a Domino’s pizza box. Gutierrez stated that he was carrying pasta, a sandwich and chicken wings. Gutierrez also said that he didn’t order food, claiming it was his wife. His wife, however, denied ordering food. Gutierrez claims that someone in the jail was using his name to smuggle contraband.

Arrest reports state that Kirkland planned to exchange contraband at the McDonald’s on Northlake Boulevard while going to work. He was said to be carrying a pink birthday bag. Police later found that bag in a garbage bag. After tracking his car by air and ground, Kirkland was arrested.

The pink party bag contained loose cigarettes and a clear plastic bag with 31 grams of an unknown substance. The substance was later confirmed to be methamphetamine. police also confirm that Kirkland had his police-issued gun with him when he was arrested. 

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